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    Oct 6, 2009, 8:57 AM - The Essential Mandalorian Workshop. #1

    People have asked me various questions over the years about what tools I use to create metal armor. About a year or so ago, I posted a small post that listed the various tools I used at the time while I was building my workshop up. Well, there isn't that much left for me to get at this point...just a couple odds and ends. For those of you looking to put your own workshop together at some point, here are some pics with explanations of what I use to put armor together.

    This is my hammer and accessory rack. I keep all of my hammers here when I'm not using them, because keeping them on the metal makes the hammer pick up the oxidation in the metal. Thats bad! I also keep various metalworking accessories such as studs, buckles, rivets, spikes, and boot armor plates on this rack.

    This is my dishing stump. She's an oldie but a goodie, I have a nice dead oak out back that will be birthing a replacement stump this fall sometime. I also use the stump to hold some of the form stakes that come in handy during the dishing process.

    This is the beakhorn stake. It has lots of uses, but it's main use is to act as an anvil of sorts. It's thin enough that I can work the armor around it's surface fairly easily. This sucker weighs in at she's heavy! Thanks Lifeburn for helping me put the stand together till I get a stump for the pexto plate.

    This is the table I do most of the fine work on. Working on Lifeburn's cod armor, and Pheonix's knee armor currently. Dremel work, bondo work, and gluing is all done on this table.

    This is the raising platform for making helmets and raised metal parts. Under the helmet-in-progress is a huge flat mushroom stake that I use to drive the metal down on to get that rounded shape.

    Metal cutting tables. I try to keep all metal cutting in one area so the shavings and burrs are easy to navigate around.

    Last but not least is the power tool bench. My drill press and various other power tools are kept here so I know where they are when I reach for'em. =)

    Hope this gives some insight into how i have my shop set up and what types of tools I use. This way if you as the aspiring armorer have questions, you can refer to this post and hopefully find a few answers. You don't need all of this tools to produce some really great armor, but it does help for some of you who are looking to create professional semi-functional metal armor.

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    Oct 7, 2009, 7:11 PM - Re: The Essential Mandalorian Workshop. #2

    Just adding to this Novall. has a not of info on metal armor making. Mostly medieval stuff but it translates into mando armor.
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    Oct 8, 2009, 10:14 AM - Re: The Essential Mandalorian Workshop. #3

    Yes, the Armour Archive is a great place to find out about some techniques and tools. They have some good essays on armoring readily available.

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