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    Nov 26, 2012, 9:39 AM - Memorabilia Weekend with RPF / TDH and Femtroopers #1

    Well what an awesome weekend we all had at the end of years Memoraibila in Birmingham, Just wanted to say thanks to all the guys who attended and a big thanks to Si (supertrooper) for getting this organised, also a big thanks to the femtroopers. The area we had was even better than the last time and everything on display was awesome, from the terminator stuff, to the star wars gear there and the studio scale stuff, there was something for everyone, we also got to meet some great people, even Jeremy Bullock came over to have a look and get a photo with us. If you didnt come to memorabilia you missed something special, we have been asked to do it all again next year and I for one as totally up for it again as its such a fun time with all the guys and the banter. Sadley I only took two pics with my phone as I forgot my camera but I do know some of the guys got photos and Si got some great photos so they will be posted in the next few days, Once again thanks to all that attended and here is to the next one.

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    Nov 30, 2012, 3:51 PM - Re: Memorabilia Weekend with RPF / TDH and Femtroopers #2

    Mate i'm glad it all went well , unfortunately i had the dredded flu . Was gutted ! Anyway hope to see you all at the next doo . . . Cheers ... Jake

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