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    Apr 10, 2013, 9:10 AM - LFL: Requesting Pictures by Local/Area Landmarks, submit by Apr. 22nd #1

    Got wind of this over at my Garrison site... thought some of you might want to participate. Please read below from Mary Franklin at LFL

    "Good evening/morning/afternoon:

    We are hoping to celebrate the worldwide community of Star Wars fans in a special way this year, on SW.com, with your pictures, taken by your local and area landmarks. I'm sending you this email because I believe you are creative and might have great ideas for pictures. Some of you have blogs and websites you can post this request on and share it with your clubs and friends, and we'd love it if you would.

    All of your pictures need to come with the attached form, signed by you. You can use one form for multiple pictures, but you need to list all the pictures on the form.

    Here's the easy list:
    Share this email with your Star Wars friends.
    Take pictures in your Star Wars costumes with your local landmarks.
    Turn in the pictures with a signed copy of this form (email or fax) to fanevents@starwars.com, or 1-415-623-1107 (FAX: Attn: Mary Franklin).
    You can start turning them in at any time. The sooner the better!
    The deadline is April 22nd to turn in pictures. But we'll start putting them up soon after we get them
    Be sure to name the landmark, and area/city/country.
    Have Fun, and May the 4th Be With You!

    Mary Franklin
    Sr. Events Lead

    Please shoot me a PM with your e-mail if you want me to send you the personal release form.

    Good hunting,
    - Andy
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