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    Jul 1, 2011, 5:31 PM - WIP - my Boba build #1

    starting this to be a more-or-less chronological build up thread.

    At this point I've already got the helmet, flight suit, flack vest, belt pouches, and gloves on the go, and boy is it a learning curve.


    modded Don Post. I think it may be the vinyl, since it's wobbly as a jellyfish on a unicycle. I cut off the top right ear cup that must've been put on by someone who has never seen a photo of Boba Fett. They'd squirted a gallon of glue on the helmet, then threw the part on from 10 feet away, it seems.

    I've torn off the old T visor (in this case more like a lower case T - the Don Post ones only have a tiny eye opening, with the rest of the T being solid, black painted plastic), drilled screw holes for the ear cup, sanded the part to actually fit on the helmet, bondo'd, and hit it with silver paint. I trimmed the stalk off the range finder and a buddy of mine is going to machine up an aluminium one. Really, I'm thinking of saying the heck with it and getting one of the cold cast helmets or something. This pig is a lot of work for a little return.

    Flight suit:

    My girlfriend picked up a few meters of white poplin at Fabricland. We dyed it with Rit, blue with a bit of pearl grey, and washed & dried it to get any shrinking out of the way. It's come out Robin's Egg Blue though so we're thinking of dunking it in the grey alone for a 2nd bath. For a pattern, she took a pair of my old PPE coveys and heavily modified it, then took my measurements to make it a bit more form fitting. We're doing the pleats around the middle even though they'll be covered by the various belts.

    The plan is to make the neck seal part of the flight suit, though the same colour as the flack vest.

    Flack vest:

    Again, my girlfriend is helping with this one. She's making it double layer with thin quilting/wadding between the layers and is cutting as I type this. It's made from the same poplin as the flight suit.

    Gloves: parade gloves dyed grey, with white sewn on.

    Pics to follow when there's something worth showing.
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    Jul 2, 2011, 1:11 AM - Re: WIP - my Boba build #2

    Quote KarmaTiger said: View Post
    Pics to follow when there's something worth showing.
    Any picture is better than none. I think some of us would like to see your progress so far... So don't be shy.
  4. KarmaTiger's Avatar
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    Jul 18, 2011, 4:51 AM - Re: WIP - my Boba build #3

    My helmet so far... it's a cheap, ****** Don Post one but I'm using it to learn painting techniques.

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    Jul 18, 2011, 5:52 AM - Re: WIP - my Boba build #4

    I am no expert, any how dude if you are doing that so far you are on the right path looking good, keep it going, just need more carbon.
  6. KarmaTiger's Avatar
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    Jul 18, 2011, 12:33 PM - Re: WIP - my Boba build #5

    The flash makes the T look a lot more red than it is - I used Rustoleum claret/bordeaux and in person it's a nice dark red.

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