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    Jun 15, 2012, 10:18 AM - UK ESB Boba build #1

    Hello there, I’m a 22 year old from Wales/England. I’ve recently started an ESB Boba and I thought I’d show everyone my progress. This is my first post on here as well so I suppose I’m introducing myself as well…hello! I started this about a month and a half ago after being inspired by welshwarrior’s SE build (if you ever happen to read this welsh, big fan). This is something I’ve always wanted to do blah blah. I did try and started one a few years ago, but lack of knowledge led to a go nowhere project. But this time I’m back with a vengeance, ready to have a hack at it once more…

    Since I’m not particularly well off financially I can’t afford to go about buying the best of the best so this is for the time being this is a budget build with me making as much as I can myself. This way it doesn’t matter so much if I make the odd mistake. I got a sewing machine for Christmas (intended for the manufacture of re-enactment items which I’m also involved with, though is quickly becoming the most useful thing EVER) so by making, I primarily mean soft goods. I’m relatively new to prop building (fastly changing thanks to this excellent resource of a website!). For example I’ve recently invested in an airbrush kit. No idea if it’s any good or not and haven’t much idea in terms of its use but hey ho it’s all experience isn’t it.

    Anyways, I’ve rambled on for far too long already. On to what I’ve actually done!...

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    p5110005-jpg   p5060007-jpg   p5200012-jpg  

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  3. sleepalot is offline sleepalot
    Jun 15, 2012, 10:46 AM - Re: UK ESB Boba build #2

    welcome! Some of your items are coming along nicely! Keep us posted with progress pics I'm looking forward to seeing them.
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    Jun 15, 2012, 11:56 AM - Re: UK ESB Boba build #3

    For the love of...! Sheesh, you got a sewing machine for a gift, and did this yourself????

    You are on a good start here, REAL GOOD! On these items, I went for the Bobamaker, and from the pictures, you are not short on quality and detail.... I know I am gonna LOVE see your work with airbrush....

    Keep 'em coming!

    And welcome!
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    Jun 15, 2012, 12:34 PM - Re: UK ESB Boba build #4

    Wow. Very impressed with your work, especially the sewing. That's one thing I am completely clueless on. Keep up the good work.
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    Jun 16, 2012, 1:23 PM - Re: UK ESB Boba build #5

    Thanks for the comments! Much appreciated. The sewing stuff isn't as hard many people think! I've weathered my cape today, really pleased with how its turned out. On a side note, could anyone tell me how to put pictures into the text sort of thing rather than as an attachment? I have used the search tools but found the threads on the matter a bit confusing to be honest.


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  7. Jun 16, 2012, 5:30 PM - Re: UK ESB Boba build #6

    fantastic mate, your sewing is top notch stuff. Sewing is my main downfall, and I really need to look into it, the work you have done is up there with the best, that neck seal looks brilliant. Really glad you liked the thread, means a lot.
    You've done the best thing you can do in this hobby, just dive in. I was like that when I started, same as well with the airbrush. Just have a go, if you make a mistake, so what, you learn from it. But your off to a great start regardless. Have you thought about the hard parts yet? Are you planning on making them or buying them?

    Are you living in wales then or England? will be cool to have another fett in wales if you are
    Look forward to seeing more,

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    Jun 19, 2012, 2:40 PM - Re: UK ESB Boba build #7

    cheers welsh, Im England at the minute but flim flam between the two haha. Ive made a bit of progress on the hard parts. Got some foamex (sintra) to mock up some. Even if its not that good will be good for practicing the paintjob on I reckon. Main thing is its cheaaap! Heres a snap of how its progressed so far. Think Im definitely going to have to redone the left chest plate. The chests display slots have gone all wrong. Realised I should have cut them out after I shaped the piece. Quite pleased with the dents though. Dont look toooo bad

    thanks go out to chibi fett for informing me how to do this (put photos in text)!

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    Jun 20, 2012, 6:44 AM - Re: UK ESB Boba build #8

    Very good start
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    Jul 7, 2012, 2:29 AM - Re: UK ESB Boba build #9

    A couple more items I've managed to acquire...

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    Jul 7, 2012, 3:04 AM - Re: UK ESB Boba build #10

    Great start! Your hard parts are maybe some of the nicest home made pieces I've seen.
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    Jul 16, 2012, 5:07 AM - Re: UK ESB Boba build #11

    ahh cheers!

    Anyways bit of an update. Had bit of a photoshoot sesh yesterday to try on all the things I've made so far all together. It was very much a 'pinned together' affair and was just to get the feel for it really. The boots are a reminent of my boba attempt many years ago and are just normal leather boots sprayed to look like boba ones. Will do for pictures for now til I can afford proper ones.

    From the pictures I can already see a few things I'd like to change. The legs look a bit wide so might have to take them in, the flak jacket looks too long, cape possibly too long (and not 'khaki' enough in colour) and I'm a bit concerned that the shin tools pockets aren't big enough. Bear in mind I've made everything here (flighsuit is converted from overalls) aside from the helmet ofcourse, which I can't see through as the visor(s) isn't cut out yet. Oh yeah and I'm holding an invisible gun in the first one, obviously....haha

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    Jul 21, 2012, 2:34 AM - Re: UK ESB Boba build #12

    First of all, that's a fantastic job so far! I'm starting a similar project, but not nearly as far along as you - so well done!

    The list below is pretty nitpicky, but I figured I'd point it out in case you're going for 100% accuracy. Everything is "as best I know," which more knowledgeable others are free to refute me on...
    -As you noted, your legs (and maybe arms also) are a bit roomy. Elastic knee pads will help a bit, but taking in legs is likely easy for your level of sewing skill. I run into this problem with costumes and normal clothes alike, being quite skinny. A blessing and a curse.
    -Totally accurate boots will have a uniform sole (no "break" between heel and instep, if that makes sense), and tops made of canvas. Most won't notice this, of course (nor the stuff that follows).
    -For ESB, the cloth belt pouch flaps slant identically to the right. The leg pouches (those sewn to the flightsuit) have flaps that are mirrored, as you've done.
    -Some (leather) ammo pouches have metallic-appearing buttons (also ESB only).
    -The film flak vest and neckseal seem to be made of a more synthetic material - a bit shiny, like ripstop nylon. Synthetics are practically impossible to dye, though, so you'd need an accurate color cloth from square 1.
    -I actually think your cape is a good length. I have an ESB picture with the cape draped over his side in diagonal fashion, similar to the 2nd picture in post #11, and the point comes near his knee. If you feel it needs to be slightly shorter, you can just wear the bottom edge a bit more. It may be a tad bright, but a light wash of brown dye could simultaneously tone down the orange a bit and make the light parts more khaki. I have very little experience with this, though, so would advise a test run on some spare cloth.

    Like I said, very nitpicky critiques - definitely can be a strong costume without worrying about any of the above. Keep on a roll and you'll soon be sporting an excellent outfit! Please do keep us updated on progress.
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    Jul 21, 2012, 7:06 AM - Re: UK ESB Boba build #13

    love that vest and neck seal, looks very well made, great start!!! impressive
  15. Matty Matt's Avatar
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    Jul 21, 2012, 7:45 PM - Re: UK ESB Boba build #14

    I think everything looks fantastic so far, and you already know what fixes you need to do to make it better. Very impressive. I think the shin pockets look good too. The only question remaining is whether or not you're going to make me a pair of those gloves.

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