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SE Fett build in Finland! Now finished and approved!!Subscribe
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    Jun 10, 2012, 12:31 PM - SE Fett build in Finland! Now finished and approved!! #1

    Hello and greetings from Finland!

    I have been a long time lurker here, actually I have been here before Mojo-Fett... It is time for me to actually get something done on my Boba Fett project....

    I first began this project over seven years ago, and had to put it into rear to get my Ghostbusters outfit ready. Little over a year ago, I contacted the local Nordic Garrison people, and I have been supporting them from then on. Before this year, there has not been any Boba Fett's in Finland, and Teemy (Frenzy) had the opportunity to get in first, with his stunning ESB Fett.

    I am gunning for the second place, with RotJ SE Fett.

    I was in luck, last december, when a retiring SE Fett builder decided to get rid of his gear. I went for the bundle, and got most of the hard items at half price. I had, just prior to this, ordered the flightsuit and flak vest from Bobamaker, so everything got a great head start.

    I also ordered the jetpack from BobbyFett UK at the same time, and went for the fully painted one, as I had no space at that time to get painting, adn the RotJ colours are way too difficult for me, as prior to this, I've never used an airbrush before.

    Here is a test fitting for the parts. The velcro attachment for the chest armour is offplaced due to my mistake, I am hoping to get that fixed as soon as possible

    All paints are Humbrol paints, save from the primers which are normal spray can stuff.

    Part list for my Fett, and their progress is as follows.

    Flight suit - Bobamaker - Ready
    Flak Vest - Bobamaker - Ready
    Shin tools - Mojo Fett & Bobamaker - Ready
    Girth Belt - Woodman - Ready
    Gloves - Bobamaker - Ready
    Chest armour, knees and shoulders - RKD - working on them..
    Kindey / Cod - self made in metal - working on them...
    Wookie braids & Cape - Woodman - Ready
    Gauntlets originally RKD with major work and Bobamaker greeblies - Working on them..
    Helmet is Bobamaker Deluxe.

    Not seen in this picture;
    Jetpack - BobbyFett UK - Ready
    Blaster - Sidewinder - Ready
    Shoes - MOW - Ready

    That is the most that I can think of for now. I'll update this with more pictures later on, I need to go to work soon.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on the armour. I am not sure if I have gotten it right, and I want this to be as accurate as I can. The scratches were done with RafaelFett's stencils, I never could have done them without those, Thanks!

    I am hoping to get this finished in this summer... Here's hoping..

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  3. Armydad's Avatar
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    Jun 10, 2012, 12:44 PM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #2

    Looking good!!!
  4. sleepalot is offline sleepalot
    Jun 10, 2012, 4:00 PM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #3

    Looks like you're on track. The armor and paint job look good especially for a first time with the airbrush.
  5. Jun 10, 2012, 5:10 PM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #4

    Your armour looks great! What colour humbrol green did you use on the armour? I have done lots of searches on paint types that are available to me in NZ to find the right shade.
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    Jun 10, 2012, 6:26 PM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #5

    Nice so far dude!!
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    Jun 11, 2012, 8:02 AM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #6

    Thanks guys! I have been eying the armour for days, and there are days when I am not happy at it, at all, and then times when I am very happy... I guess I am I'm worst critic...

    Fettwho, the armour is painted with several layers of paint, put on top of one another. The green shade is done Humbrol 78 (3:4), Humbrol 76 (1:4) mixture painted on mustard brown. The armour was given several buffs with 0000 grade steel wool, between the coats, and the green was darkened with humbrol black (33 if I recall correctly). Then, it was given another light coat of the green mixture, and steel wool, and black...

    I intentionally overdid the black paint layers that went between the greens, as I could always wipe out the unwanted blacks with the steel wool.

    for the final layer of green, I used the humbrol 78 raw, on top of all the layers of paint. It gave the armour some 'warmth'. Then, after another steel wool, a black ws added. My airbrush was a bit clogged at that time, I feel that I need to redo the final misting..

    If you have Facebook account, here is a link to my build blog there, I will update that, and this thread when I get to it, but of the most of my work is there.

    See here; Facebook

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    Jun 11, 2012, 8:34 AM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #7

    As promised, here are some pictures of this build. These are from my facebook account.

    The shoulder bells after Bobamaker decals. Looks very nice, is am really happy with these. The paintjob come together very naturally... With RafaleFett's stencils, who could go wrong...

    The Gauntlets just before the deep red paint. These were, originally RKD gauntlets, but I have put serious work on them. The lower halfs are completely made from scratch, and are fiberglass and bondo.

    The majority of the greeblies on these are from Bobamaker. I contacted him on this regard, and he was corteous enough to make me cast of the mising parts, even though they were not separate from other moulds. He did exellent job, sanded the parts smooth, I only needed to paint and glue them in place. The darts on the right gaunt are Mojo Fett's. Excellent!

    Seen here after initial layer of deep red. I was really happy that I got the colour right on the first time. I'll go and dig up the paints so I can give you the numbers.

    My shin tools. These are mostly found item parts, from Mojo Fett. He also supplied the alum rods for the anti security blade.

    The Jetpack adjustment tool is from Bobamaker. I did a little modification to it, and added a 10mm hex bolt socket to the end. This is because I need to dismantle my Jetpack for storage and transit, and the parts are held together with 10mm hex bolts. I need a tool to make the adjustment to them, and this came to me quite naturally..

    No need to haul tools to get the jetpack together, and everyone seems to get a kick out of the fact that my 'Jetpack Adjustment Tool' is actually used for that purpose too..!

    Here it is. My Jetpack. I ordered this from BobbyFett UK, fully painted. I had no access to paint booth, and as I had no real experience with airbrush, this was a reasonable deal. And, although it took more time than I was promised, I could not be any happier with this. Really, nice work! Worth every penny and niclel...

    This weights around three kilograms. Should be breeze to wear this, as my Ghostbusters Proton pack weights 15 kilos (you can just see it on the pic, top right corner. I can post better images if you wish).

    I had a plywood container for CDs laying about, and I thought that is was just about the size of the jetpack. And, I was correct. When the rocket and nozzles are removed (using the jetlack adjustment tool....), they fit inside VERY nicely. And, the Blaster rest there nicely too.

    Two of my three Boba Fett blasters. On top, my scratch built version done few years ago, with only the references found on this forum. This one is not for general use, and for a really good reason. This, is a working firearm, containing one 375 magnum airsoft revolver. I never allow anyone handle it, without supervision and care.

    Below, the Sidewinder blaster I got from my purchase from Stockholm last december. It was delivered to me in this condition, I needed not do anything to it. The previous owner did a stellar job on it. The only thing was that the weapon is in two pieces. The glue holding the handle and stock togehter came loose. But, as I need to break it in half for storage and transit, it was no problem. I have added few super strong magnets in the join, and one bolt that is hidden inside my hand. It gives me the opportunity to dismantle this and put it together with ease...

    The third one is the Hasbro toy. Don't ask me why I bought it, I just had to...
  9. sausagemahoney's Avatar
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    Jun 11, 2012, 11:48 AM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #8

    your storage/transportation case is amazing. also love your jetpack adjustment tool. you should post some pictures of this as i am sure many would be interest! amazing work sir....tip my hat to you
  10. Frenzy's Avatar
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    Jun 11, 2012, 6:52 PM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #9

    Following the progress with interest bro, keep the pictures coming! Armor damage details are magnificent; good references, proper materials and careful work pay off. Good luck with finishing the project!

  11. RafalFett's Avatar
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    Jun 12, 2012, 1:21 AM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #10

    What an awesome build! Everything looks perfect, even the jetpack adjustment tool (although it's not screen accurate), especially because it's a functional tool for your jetpack. Keep up the great work!
    And thanks for the nice compliments!
  12. Jun 12, 2012, 2:20 AM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #11

    Cool, cheers for sharing the colours It's looking great so far, awesome tool!
  13. Matty Matt's Avatar
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    Jun 12, 2012, 5:11 AM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #12

    I love that the jetpack adjustment tool is actually a jetpack adjustment tool. Great build.
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    Jun 12, 2012, 7:29 AM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #13

    Thank you guys for the complements! Those are really needed, for this is my first Fett build, and I m a bit hesitant on several things being correct.

    I know that my modification to the Jetpack Adjustment Tool is not screen accurate, but there was a need for it, and the modification cannot be seen by the public, so I went for it.

    As for how it works, and why I needed it, here you go;

    The BobbyFett UK jetpack came with appropriate wing nuts and locking washers, as one could imagine.

    Unfortunately, there is so little room inside tha pack to get the wing nuts for the Nozzles thight, and as the pack is made from fiberglass, there is the random sharp strand here and there, waiting to bite my hand.

    And, as I need to pull the pack apart for storage and transport, this needed to be done.

    After replacing the tip of the Bobamaker Tool with the 10mm socket head, I replaced the wing nuts with similar sized regular nuts.

    I just pop the nut and washer in..

    And thighten the Nozzle on without tearing my hand.

    Now, this is a chore that is needed EVERY time I am trooping, twice, once on, and once off... This tool is not making this thing go any faster, just a bit easier. I guess I am the last one to suit up, but never worry, I like to help others get dressed up before I do anyway...

    And this is to make sure that the jetpack is not damaged while in the storage box...
  15. RafalFett's Avatar
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    Jun 12, 2012, 10:20 AM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #14

    With not movie accurate I was reffering to the whole tool, not just the modification. Here is an image I already posted in another thread:


    The fake tools were fabricated for the SW Visual Dictionary and/or for the Don Post Boba Fett Statue (?) and these are not movie accurate tools.
  16. intwenothor's Avatar
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    Jun 12, 2012, 10:59 AM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #15

    I love the idea of a costumer walking around a comic con with a real 357. That's probably quite irresponsible of me.
  17. Member Since
    Jun 2006
    Jun 12, 2012, 11:22 AM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #16

    Ah, Ok. Thank you for the information, I did not know about those...

    It shows that I've been away for some time... I made my shin tools according to instructions found here, and the fouth tool was from Bobamaker. I know it is from the Visual Dictionary, and I assumed that is has been accepted as adequate substitute.

    What is the current consensus on the 501st. at the moment regarding these tools? Are mine acceptable?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote intwenothor said: View Post
    I love the idea of a costumer walking around a comic con with a real 357. That's probably quite irresponsible of me.
    With real 357, illegal and irresponsible, for sure, and dangerous. In my blaster there is Airsoft 357 inside, and even that is too dangerous to carry around. In fact, it is illegal to carry even that here in Finland. Airsoft weapons that is.
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    Jun 20, 2012, 12:17 PM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #17

    A small update, nothing major.

    I got the shoe spikes done. I initially went for the Mojo-Fett aluminum ones, but he had difficulties in material, and I felt I needed these done fast.

    On a local hardware store, I found 10mm aluminum rod, and some flat aluminum bar for less than 10 euro's, and set to work. I cut out sections of the rod, stuck them to a drill, and with this poor man's lathe, I sharpened the ends with a file.

    I then bent the aluminum bar to shape, drilled holes on the spikes and the bar. The spikes were then tapped with threading tool, and they are held on to the bar with small M4 screws.

    Then, all that was done was to drill a small guide hole to the sole of the shoe, and screw the spikes on.

    Still a bit of weathering to be done on the spikes, but otherwise these are done.

    And oh, the weathering on the shoes is not by me. Another thing done by the previous owner. The shoes are MOW shoes, perfect for me.
  19. sleepalot is offline sleepalot
    Jun 24, 2012, 3:05 PM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #18

    Great idea with the storage case for the jetpack and blaster.
  20. Member Since
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    Jun 24, 2012, 10:43 PM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #19

    Quote sleepalot said: View Post
    Great idea with the storage case for the jetpack and blaster.
    Thank you.

    Since there has been interest on the one third of the storage and transport crate, here is more;

    There actually is three separate crates, all of which can be bolted together with the same bolts that hold the jetpack parts in place. More use for the Jetpack Adjustment Tool...

    On the bottom two, one holds the Blaster and the Jetpack, while the other holds most of the rest of the costume.

    The top one, however, holds the Gauntlets (with hoses), Helmet and the Shin Tools.

    I am still thinking of maybe trying to get the knees in the top one too, if I cannot fit them to the cases below.

    The top box needs a lot of padding, and for that I scored some padding that is usually used on sound insulation, and weapon cases. I got nearly a square meter of the material, enough to make sure that these items will not be damaged, for less than 4 Euro's. That is little over 5 dollars.

    Now, the regular price for the padding here is about 43 euro's for one full square meter of the said padding... About one sheet of paper's size was taken from the full square meter, and the price dropped to one tenth....

    Be sure that I will post more of this when I get it finished. The whole crate is desinged so that each of the three boxes can be, if needed, taken apart and stored / transported separate. Or, if need be bolted together and trollied around with the strollie.

    And, as the strollie in case is from local ferry that travels between Sweden and Finland, these are abdundant everywhere. They are sold for the sole purpose of hauling the beverages you buy at tax free price, from the ferry to your home. They are rugged, for they need ot be strong enough to haul six cases of beer, and cheap.

    Nearly everyone has one that is not needed.
  21. locitus's Avatar
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    Jun 25, 2012, 3:24 AM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #20

    That's brilliant! Love the transport system you've got there.
  22. RobaFett's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Jun 27, 2012, 6:51 AM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #21

    great work there Chibi, like the transport cabinet too.
  23. Member Since
    Jun 2006
    Jul 8, 2012, 12:27 PM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #22

    Something to show you all...

    I had the opportunity to get some works done on my Fett with a local Garrison members. Without them, I would be worlds behind..

    I am still holding back on the helmet, I know that is needs to be done, but I am continously rising the bar and never seem to get myself going on it. Welshwarrior is doing the splendid Youtube video tutorials, I really am getting short on excuses..
    mine is the Bobamaker Deluxe that I bought last december.

    I was short of ankle spats, and the armour bits needed correcting, and as they called me yesterday, I packed everything in such a haste, that the gauntlets were forgotten on my workbench... I did have the blaster with me, but for these pictures we decided not to include it so the pics show the armour bits better..

    As these pics were taken, the ankle spats were being made. As I got them in my hand, I did have one, just one complaint. They were too clean.... Those, and the belt pouches will be airbrushed lightly to weather them, or, I can just as well take them outside, and have fun with them on the ground..

    The armour is RKD vac form, and the painting is my first time, ever, for the use of airbrush...

    The Cod / Kidney armour is my own handywork, and the oldest pieces on this costume. I did them over five, maybe six years ago... Nice finish on them, not a speck of rust for all that time... Surprisingly light, I hardly notice them when they are on...

    They are made from sheet metal... You got it, metal... Initially I went for full metal Fett, and while I still harbour those nefarious thoughts, and have the metal chest armour pieces... This will allow me to troop with the Garrison, until the metal works can begin..

    The jetpack had the thrusters, but as some work on the placing of the armour were done while I was in the costume, and of course, the bolts for the thrusters were in my home... Decided not to keep them in fear of them dropping...

    Had I gotten my transport crate finished, this would not be the case...

    The jetpack is RS Propstudio's work, both paint and everything. I had no access to paint booth and went for the finished one. Never sorry for that desicion...

    You will notice that the rubber bands are missing from the Kod/Kidney, and the knees. That is why the legs on the flightsuit are so low. It is amazing what simple rubber band does to keep up the appearance. I have the rubberbands, just need to do work on them... The knees are held on with industrial strength Velcro, and should be no trouble...

    The Woodman Wookie braids need to be stitched into the flak vest, easy job.

    The lighting does havoc on the shoulders and knees. The fluoroscent light makes them a lit lighter in colour. Will have to do some test photoes in natural light to see if they need more work.

    Now, as you can see, there is LOST of little bits needed to be done, but as of now, I have EVERY piece for this costume, save for the ammo belt. I should have that in hand by the end of this month, and if all goes well, there will be first troop pics with this Fett...

    Would love to get work on them, but I did have a strange feeling as we took these pictures, and sure enough, I have fever of over 38 degrees on Celcius...
    Need to rest, but I think SOME work could be done...

    If there is anything that needs to be corrected, just shoot and I'll dodge. I am going for this summer for this to be finished, and early fall for the very last..

    Might bring a tear or two, if I get this accepted.. Been a VERY long road to get this far, and I hope the road goes on.

    Thanks, Ville
  24. Mojo Fett's Avatar
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    Jul 13, 2012, 1:28 AM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #23

    Hey Ville.. love the work buddy...!
    One day I'll piece mine together... lol
  25. Member Since
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    Jul 15, 2012, 10:21 AM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #24

    Thanks Gav!

    Little work done...

    I took advantage on the fact that my mother is at cottage for a while, and took everything to her place, and laid the parts to the ground, just to see if I am missing any work.

    I stitched the wookie braids in place, they will be permanently attached to the vest, but can be removed if necessary.

    I took some foam to fill in the side pockets and flightsuit pockets, I also sewed some elastic band to the flightsuit legs, so that they will be secure in the shoes.

    Same elastic band is for the knees, but I have not yet glued it on to the knees.

    I weathered the Ankle Spats and Side Pouches by just rubbing them on wet ground until they were dirty enough. I then stitched the Spats to the shoes so they will not move around.

    The Shoe Spikes were dirtied with wood stain, I do not know if this is perfect, but we will see after it has dried..

    No picture of it, but I did manage to fit every single item on this costume to my Storage / Transport container! No worries on how the items are moved for a troop, and everything is secure in place...

    I'll post pics of it when I get all pieces done.

    Just now I need to figure out how to secure the gauntlets on my forearms. As it is, there is few super strong magnets on them, but when I twist my arm, the left gauntlet pops open. Need to figure out how to stop that from happening..

  26. Member Since
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    Jul 25, 2012, 12:07 PM - Re: SE Fett build in Finland! #25

    Getting ready for troopings!

    My transport crate has been completed, save from some attractive paintjob.

    Here are the two bottom crates, bolted together. They can be separated if need be, but when together, they work VERY nicely...

    Upon opening the top crate, the blaster is revealed. It needs to be 'broken' for transit, and I am working on a secure means of attaching it together for troopings.

    Under the blaster, the Jetpack is housed. It too, needs to be 'broken' for transit.

    In the bottom crate, nearly all of the Boba suit pieces are stored. It is funny how you can fit nearly everything inside the back armour...

    The top container looks a bit weird, but there are reasons for the odd placement. One can see it better as the pieces are in. The padding was drying and therefore the items could not be inside the container as of yet... I will post pics when they are in...

    The top container is attached to the bottom ones with wing nuts. They were originally the same sized bolts that are in the Jetpack, but as the opening of them with the Jetpack Adjustment Tool is a bit slow, I opted for this approach.

    Here are the things that are waiting for the glue to dry... Well, the blaster is not, that is my scratch built one from few years back. It will not be included with the rest of the suit, I just threw everything in the same place.

    On the side, leaning to the crates, is the beer trolley that is used to haul this crate around. They are abdundant here, as folks travel between Helsinki/Turku and Stockholm/Tallin often, and bring home several cases of beer.... It is sturdy and cheap..

    Sorry, no pictures of the complete suit, that will be remedied in the upcoming weekend.

    Hopefully I can get this approved soon.


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