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    Sep 12, 2010, 3:55 PM - Armor Project Help and Plastics Info #1

    I am going to get into building armor as a project (I know, me and 100 others on the board). I have a couple of questions:

    Is there a list of the best or at least accepted parts for each part of the outfit so I know where to start?

    Also how do the Sintra and other plastics look as a finished product?

    On a side note I am an outside sales representative for a plastic distributor that sells Sintra, ABS and other materials if anyone needs help, wants to know where to get material, etc.

    If you have questions about fabrication, adhesives, or materials please let me know and I will be happy to assist, I would just ask for some community assistance on my project in return.

    I have seen several questions on this forum so here are some basics on Sintra:

    Sintra is a brand name for expanded pvc (like Kleenex for tissue paper):
    Here are some names for the material that may ask for: EPVC, Expanded PVC, Sintra, Celtec, Komatex, Simapore. All are very close to the same but there are a few slight differences (i.e. Celtec is actually the most dense of the materials and has the glossiest finish). They are available in many colors and the standard is a 4ft x 8ft sheet. Thinkness are in mm but run close to inch sizes (3mm = .118, 6mm = .236). For a 3mm sheet you can get them for under $20 if you get it at the right place (plastic distributors are the best, email me if you want some local places). The material is sold by the pound so 6mm is just about double the price. Sintra is non toxic and is a staple for ads that you see hanging in Walmart, Target, etc and is also used as shelf liners because it is easy to heat bend or bend with a hot wire.

    You may also consider dibond for the armor as well. Dibond is used for stop signs and displays made to look like metal. It is used for that because it is lighter than plastic and easily fabricated. The material iteself is an aluminum skin on each side of a plastic core and available in many colors. So what you will see on the outside is actually metal.

    If you have questions about fabrication, adhesives, or other materials please let me know and I will be happy to assist, I would just ask for some community assistance on my project in return.

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    Sep 13, 2010, 7:12 AM - Re: Armor Project Help and Plastics Info #2

    Hello and welcome to the fun.

    Your best bet for information on each part is using the search function on this forum. There really isn't an all inclusive list of the best of everything for each part of the costumes. I'm new to this hobby as well and the one thing that I have learned so far is that there are many different ways to get to the end goal. That goes for each tiny little piece of the Boba Fett puzzle.

    Finding people that produce pieces for sale is pretty simple..a few off the top of my head are fettpride, bobamaker, ladysew4us, mojo-fett, woodman. Search through the old posts in the Cargo Hold for who makes what then do a search for "Topics Started" by said person. All the information on the quality of the product and the producer is available on this site.

    Learning how to make things yourself can be a bit trickier, but is still just a search away. Many tutorials and templates are stickied at the top of each forum section. Doing searches like "scratchbuilt boba *insert costume part here*" will generally bring you to some "how to" or "showoff" threads were people tell how they went from nothing to something. After searching and researching if you still have questions or concerns just post them up. There are always people willing to help

    I hope that helped a bit.

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