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**Interest** Jeremy Face Cast

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    Re: **Interest** Jeremy Face Cast

    Number 25 arrived today and...........IT'S FANTASTIC!!!
    Thank you DAZ, thank you Jeremy for this special oppurtunity!

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    Re: **Interest** Jeremy Face Cast

    Any other photos of what people have done with these?

    I am still trying to figure out what to do with mine . I love the glass box though.

    Has anyone painted theres? I was considering shadow boxing it and painting it silver. But its such a hard decision

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    Re: **Interest** Jeremy Face Cast

    I have reconsidered the pink, and started thinking blue. Would be cool with a Blue Man Group Fett.

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    Re: **Interest** Jeremy Face Cast

    i am still thinking ... but I would like to make it look as realistic as possible ... so I wanna go to spray it with my airbrush for a skin-color with shadows and wrinkles etc... and if I am able to find some white hair I would like to put a "jeremy bulloch hair" on it too. Ill connect it to the office wall and let it look as if he rams his head through it ...

    That would be cool looking ... and his facial expression would fit too.


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    Re: **Interest** Jeremy Face Cast

    ruze789 said: View Post
    #7 arrived yesterday, thanks very much to DAZ and Mr Bulloch!

    WOW That is amazing !

    Awesome project Daz ! I can't believe I missed this


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