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Hey, just consolidating and reposing. I've got a few things available and will update this thread throughout the summer as I add new exciting things.
Everything's at my site, Custom3dStuff.com

Box Kit

We have the box kit, which comes as a set of 12 CNC cut pieces. Building the accurate box is trickier than it seems, as the angles aren't 90º anywhere and the panel cutouts are funky too. It's all trapezoids and goes together great; ask around. I deliver these for $250 shipped in the USA, and slightly more in europe, canada, and australia. They're made locally in those regions. The site will have incorrect shipping quotes for international purchases of the box, so please contact me directly to order the box if you're outside the USA. todd@custom3dstuff.com HiC Wooden Box Kit for Carbonite build - 12 CNC cut 1/2

Greeblies - Some are metal, some are plastic

I offer a 50 piece plastic nylon set of greeblies. These consist of the ~30 nipples, and unique knob types, bronica box, handles, and other small pieces. They're attached on a sprue and will need to be snipped apart.
Plastic HiC Greeblie pack for volvo panels on Han in Carbonite build - new for 2020
2020 greeblies.png greeblies_1.jpg IMG_3425.JPG *metal handles will replace the plastic handles at the end of the summer. They'll be $25-30 for the pair and the plastic parts will drop in price about $10-15.

The 20 metal u-clip heat-sink pieces and stamped and folded sheet aluminum, bent at all the right angles in all the right places. These come with three different types of bolts, for accuracy.
Aluminum U-clips

The 38 piece metal pack has 10 cups, 18 rings, 6 d-discs, and 4 small tubes. These are machined from aluminum on a lathe and are new as of June 2020.
38 piece metal greeblie pack HiC for Han in carbonite build greeblies
IMG_20200628_114727.jpg IMG_20200628_114620.jpg mmexport1593480901289.jpg rings.png

The metal grill is for the hero panel. It has two holes to accomodate the knobs on the hero panel.
Metal grill for hero panel of HiC build
grill 1.png

In one scene in ESB, there's a second hero panel #5 that has no holes on it's metal grill so for those doing a double hero panel build, you'll need this second grill.
Metal Grill with no knob holes for ESB panel 5
grill 5.png

The above greeblie line items are available separately, but you'll save some cash ordering them all together using this link:

plastic and metal.jpg IMG_20200701_113724 (2).jpg

I currently offer 8-pack only sets of black onyx casts of an original volvo panel. This is $370 shipped US. These are very high quality bubble and blemish free castings.

Finally, I have the base kit which lets you light up your HiC from the bottom with a carbonite freeze chamber motif. This kit includes CNC wooden parts, platform supports, translucent plastic light diffusion sheeting, wooden planks for the front and sides, LED strips, and a remote control.
HiC (or astromech) box display stand kit This, and everything else listed, is ready to go. Everything takes a week or less to ship, aside from the plastic parts which typically take two weeks.

Please don't hesitate to share this information or post here with any questions.

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