Zapper gun...need anything else??


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:lol: Hi this is my nintendo zapper still needs work but what do you think about it?? Do you think it needs something more?? Please give me some feedback!!. I thought the lipstick case would add a girly touch;) :lol:
I know its a bit wonkey...nothing is stuck on yet.



Glowstick is a nice touch Zoe! What colours you thinking of painting it? Get it stuck together and a bit of car body filler on there and it will look great

Cool thanks
Im prob either gunna do a black andsilver job on it or come up with something else....just baught loads of glue sticks from norwich yesterday for updating everything....still got lots to do!
Ah glue sticks...a man's best friend! Although watch out for molten glue dripping on you. It can be painful, especially when both your hands are full and you can't get it off your skin!:lol:
If I may add my personal oppinion as far a s arecommendation, I notice that your going for that barrel with a "gas retrival tube" in my own words, or that "double barrel" look. I would, under the regular barrel with the glowstick, use a tube that has a smaller diameter or just thinnerso that it "flows" with the rest of the zapper. I actualy own one, and I play duck hunt with it all the time. Its a fun gamer, especially since its a double game cartridge also including super mario brothers, the original nintendo game system.

The lip stick holder works really well (it looks like some sort of gas port, similar to the belt fed machine guns of our time). Overall i think it is going to rock :)

how about though adding some greeblies onto the side of the gun to give it a bit of a 3 dimensional look.
it would be cool if you could build it so that the glowstick was removable. basically pop a glowstick in there before trooping so your gun lights up :)
This is my blaster now after some paint...
I must admit that the lipstick case does look good.....all lipsticks are like this I think...if you take out the lippy, leave the lid, push it out to its fullest extent then pull and it should look like it did on the earlier photos.

What do you think....yey or ney??


Ive still got 2 weeks, I might add something else to it....i had to improvise for my gauntlets as well cos I dropped them last time I wore them so they now have a sawn off pencil and a glue lid attatched!! Alot of people can do alot more with thier armour and stuff cos they have the tools, but I never have, I had a hand saw for my armour...thats why they aint the same szie for the chest plates...either that or one boob is bigger than the other ;) :lol:

Glad people like it.

Good work Zoe. The gun looks great, really beat up and scratched :)

Told you the lipstick holder looked good :D ,n ow it looks even better.

Go girl (y)
Zapper blaster and holster

This is my nintendo zapper conversion....updated with holster because when your going out you dont really want to be carrying your little blaster round in your hands...they get in the way and could get bbroken...and as its useually me that breaks them by dropping not gunna take any chances this time!!

Ive hand made a holster and aged up my utility belt aswell and fixed the holster on my belt. Its just been aged by wiping it over with some black acrylic paint so the synthetic leather coluor shows through aswell.

Anyway let me know hwat you think!


blaster in holster2.JPG

Blaster with holster.JPG

that looks really really great. It just has that bounty hunter essence to it. You have done a really good job there. The blaster is good but the rig is out of this world.

Another reason to have your sidearm holstered is to stop the 'adorable' public trying to constantly nick your weapon.

well done though. cant wait to see it.
This is the zapper with the rest of my gauntlets arent authentic as my wrists are very dainty so without a LOAD of padding they just fall off with the underparts so thats whjy they are just straps. I do love my bucket...its my fave bit...though it is a bit big as im pretty slender and my shoulders aint that broad so it kinda dwarfs the rest of the costume...especially cos its all woman sized....when will people start making lady sized helmets!!

Im lloking forward to getting all mi clober on this sunday though...I just need to weather my jumpsuit a bit more and its all done (untill I have a spare evening when im sure I will see something I can improve)




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