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Could anyone tell me if you have a break down of the measurements for Zam's blaster? Pictures as well would be great! I had some really cool pics, but all the meas. are in metrics..can anyone help me out with that? I'd be greatful.
There are some good pics in the bottom of this thread :

I'm using those as reference shots for mine.. You might can scale from those pics if someone doesn't post any exact measurements later....

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It's about time for me to tackle the blaster myself :)

I just need to take a road trip so I can use my in-law's machine shop.

Anyway, this is what I came up with if anyone begs to differ ;)

I can't remember where we decided it was 10 1/2" but that is what Dallas' blaster is and that is what we've been scaling most things from.

It fits better in the hand at this size too...... more like a real pistol. :)
Here is a ruff measurments I did for the 9" blaster. I think what I did for scale was to scale to my girlfriend's height to Zam's and scalled it accordingly. At 9" it seems plenty big for her and in general.

One thing I have noticed it the detail inside the barrel. Looks alot different then how everyone seems to make theirs look.

sorry the scan is bad.

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