Zammer's confirmed for C3?

Zam I Am

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K- besides Leeanna, who else? Oh and what hotel are you staying at? ;)

List so far:
Zam I Am & Zam I Ain't (Courtyard Marriott)
Maul Maus
Moncal & Wifey
Judz Dwedd & Wifey
Iceheart (Hyatt)
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I'll be there... if I ever get these bleedin' bleepin' blitherin' blastin' shin guards together...

in a state of minor frustration because velcro has decided to hate her tonight
You can do it :)Velcro? use snaps if at all possible, it's better ;)

Oh I edited my first post, I want to see all the people's I have been talking to for the last few years, and FINALLY put a name to a jpg face LOL.
I was going to use snaps, but they're less than adjustable. And with this being my first attempt at fitting armor, I figured stuff I could tweak repeatedly is my friend. Once I know how it all works together and sits on my bodysuit, I'll probably go back and put snaps on.

And to keep this on topic, I'm staying at the Hyatt in the volunteer block. :)

THE COUNTDOWN IS TICKING!! C'mon, we all gotta see each other on TDH night! Er, some night! I am beside myself. LOL I am actually going to try to fit by BIG pregger self into that daggone costume of mine so that I can take a pic of Leeanna and I. Dang... 2 years in the waiting. Those with costumes~ wouldnt it be great to have a costumed pic together with Leaana? All us Zammers.. Muhahah! I will have my FRS radio there and will give out the channel if yall wanna meet up by the autograph booth at the same time. :D
Well.... someone has to pay for the wedding. :facepalm

Andy will be going though. Ah the joys of being a bachelor and having money to play with.

I hate being in debt. :cry
Bah! Tell him that you have a chinese relative (me) and say that it's tradition for the guy to pay for the wedding, so, just split it down the middle! :LOL

Hey, that's how we did our wedding :)
ZIA - Andy said he plans to help pay.
hehe, so you can come to C3? LOL--(it's fun to misquote that one...) I know it would cost way more, but man, it's just not the same without ya there! Arg! It was a mob at C2, for those who remember, I heard ticket sale rates have doubled with the online ordering. Uncle George will be there too. It's gonna be wayy awesome. Tons of awesome stuff. I know several Zammers (definition: one who has been interested in zam costuming.) doing "other" things for the con, and talk about a true work of art! I can't say what it is, but talk about outdoing themselves.
I didn't get to see a thing at CII, so I just can't justify spending hundreds of dollars on tickets, lodging, food, transportation, ect. to end up standing in line and likely not see anything, when that money can go towards a wedding.

I am so in debt that I've taken a lot of money out of my wedding account to pay for bills and emergancies (car repairs after my accident). My parents were not happy. I have no money for cons. At all. It's all for bills and then any last shred I have left over goes towards the wedding.

If there is even going to be a wedding... :facepalm
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