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Chris Trevas from the parts of star wars found this one actually. I tried to find something a little closer, but no luck.

There is a KIT available that lets you construct a REAL working black powder rifle, but it's about $200 and still needs all of the butchering. So I figuered, what's the point!?

I'll let you know how this transaction works out. Total with shipping was 78.90

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I think it look real close to the actual gun. I will probably order one as well. Thanks again for the heads up!
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Wow, Cris! :eek: That's sure a lot closer to the real thing than mine! (My bro called it Red Indian Rifle; sorry for the use of Red Indian). It sure will need a lot less butchering as I still need to dig my way into the wooden handle underneath the barrel and replace the butt etc.

And the angle of the butt and the tigger guard looks correct. Only need to shorten(?) the wood under the barrel (I think), give it the new barrels and replace the "Power Amplifier Circuitry".

LOL, the problem with me is that I hasn't work that hard at my props before (my IRG Forcepike was just a metal pipe and wooden dowel someone shaped for me) so I really need to start producing something. And next year I'm forgoing all other costumes for this baby. Moreover, I can't bring in a gun into Singapore (lots of paperwork & negotiating to do and my rifle will end up ORANGE when it gets into my hands) while replicas sold here cost a bomb. And I got this Rifle with me right now so why waste? :p

EDIT: You are tempting me, Criss . . . ;) Today I tagged along with 2 members of the other SW group here to a Weapon Replica Shop (Caesars Gun Gallery ) and while they were drooling over the Katana, I was over a Rifle that looks like the one you had bought. Ya, it's available here but the price tag is SG$237 ($202 if member)/USD129. It's Item 1197, 107cm I think.
Yours and the one Spidey2222 recommanded can be brought in too for me by the shop and cost SGD268 ($228 Members) and it is item 1201 110cm.
But I think I better work on my bro's rifle first before attempting anything on this 1201 babe cause it's gonna cost a bomb IMHO for me.
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Nice find Cris!!

Looks like you scored 80% of Zam's rifle! Now comes the conversion work!!

Looking forward to seeing the results of your efforts!
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I have no hopes of getting a real gun, but thought maybe I could find the dimensions and some better pictures if I new the make and model.

Anybody have any ideas?
I almost looks like a muzzle loading revolutionary war era gun to me- but I don't know anything about guns other than which end is the hurty end :)

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I am actually working on that very item. I have begun a search of older Stocks from Black Powder Rifles. I know that the Barrel is not from one as it is longer, but a lot of the stock and trigger area is. I will post what I come up with very soon. I need a bit of a clue in on what is a good material to make molds with. I am ready to cast some of my items I have been working on. so anyone able to help me out please let me know. Also I will soon have completed Bead strands for Zam that will very close to Actual.
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Ok I have done my research and believe I have located the Rifle that is the base for Zam's Projectial Rifle. This web page is a very good source and I am very sure it is the Remington Springfield Rilfe that is listed under the civil war section of this web site.

Now everyone understands that not all the parts are used in the Prop. I am goign to begin to work on finding a good match for the Scope that was added to the top of the rife. Anyone wish to share their thoughts?
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The Rifle Cris bought is back at eBay at the same price (Item #2114390626). ;)

Grab it for those interested!
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I dont think it's a real scope at all.

But then again I don't know guns.

thanks for sharing about the rifle though!

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I used to own an 1861 Springfield rifle musket, and it is close to that. But it actually looks more like a combo of a few.

Look for the old Kentucky black powder muskets, or even british Enfields of that era. Zam's rifle shares characteristics of all of these.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it was custom built. It's sooooo long...too long for a standard rifle.

However, if I'm proven wrong, that'll be a good thing too :)

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Hmm, how about the scope? Anyone found anything that looked like can be used for it?

For me, come worse to worse, use metal pipe with 2 tap/hose nozzle. :p
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I think it looks like a little of both. I definitely think the base was a musket or something but I think the barrel was modified to be longer and a scope was added. I think they probably went about it like they did with Boba Fett's blaster, take a cool gun and add to it and make it even cooler. But I could be proven wrong as well!
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I think Cris may be planning to machine the scope...

:zam Kim
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The Stock is the only thing that I see usable for Zam's Rifle. Well Also the trigger area, but the Barrel is definatly longer and the ram rod is longer as well. I have plans to use what I can, but I expect to make changes to make it closer to the real thing.
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could the stock below the barrel be all original, but just extended? i.e. the white spaces were added to stretch out the original and a new longer barrel added to replace the too short one?

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That is my theory. I ampretty sure the sliver or white (which ever ya wish to call them) spaces are the areas that were extended. The idea I got from the movie is that this rifle is about as tall as Zam when stood on the butt of the stock. So depending on how tall you are would determin how much you would have to change. I am a nice 5'11" so I get to have fun makeing it longer.
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Bad news rifle fans....

Mine arrived today broken :( :cry :(

anyway- they seller was very nice about it and is having it shipped back to him so that he can send me a replacement.

In the mean time, I snapped a couple of pics that may help anyone who needs to scale any of the pieces. This will allow me to start working on the scope. What are the dark areas on the scope? Knurling? Paint? ??





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I'm using this Wood & Metal rifle my sis bought from Disneyland for my bro as the general base of the rifle. It's one of those old rifle, double black barrels and that orange cover at the tip of the barrel. And it need Heavy modifications (aka lots screwing and plying and drilling)

What wrong with the rifle:
1)Angel of Butt is wrong (CURRENT: Almost straight) so it need a new butt. No problem cause the butt is wood in the first place but I'll really need to go looking for the wood of the same thickness and weight (it's quite heavy weight so NOT Balsam or Rubber Wood).

2) Barrel wrong (CURRENT: Double small ones). Will need to ply off the current barrel, make a bigger valley in the wooden Barrel "Handle" and put in the new barrel.
PROBLEM: What's the diametre and lenght (in relationship to Zam's Height cause I'm only 1.52+metre tall) of the Barrel for Zam's Rifle

3) Tigger Protector wrong shape (CURRENT: Half oval with a little metal protuting at the back). But I think I can live with it. Or I'll replace it all together while still retaining the tigger. :p

4) Side Metal "Power Amplifier Circuitry" almost the same shape but got this metal thinging on it that allow the rifle to be cock and give a "pop" sound when "fired". I'll removed the thinging and reshape the side metal but I may be tempted to replace the whole thing altogether.

5) Give the whole thing a scope and a barrel cleaning rod.

But before I go about modifying the rifle, I need to get the help of the 2 guys from here who got lots of experiences making props from scratch, learn from them and borrow their tools. Oh, and go looking for the parts to replace the wrong parts of the current rifle. ;)

So do you think it'll work? :D

Will post a current(original shape of rifle) picture of it soon.
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eek! that DOES sound like a project!!!

I WAS considering starting from scratch, but I opted for this one on EBAY. Hopefully it will be a good starting point, but there is still alot of butchering to do :facepalm


we will try and take better pics as we go- and maybe make it sort of a follow allong dealie.
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