Your thoughts, please, on my gloves and jumpsuit?

Reverend Scapegoat

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I recently won a jumpsuit and pair of Fett gloves on eBay.
Since my helmet is painted in the ESB colours, is it easy enough for me to just redye this jumpsuit with a slight blue tint?

Also, the gloves that were included are pictured with the "cuffs" attached - But I recently was given these "rigger's gloves" by a player at my Airsoft site.
Could they be a possible base for decent Fett gloves too?



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the gloves would work fine, just leave em this way for now, find other one sin the future is my advice, or make them :) I still have workin gloves on my suit, doesnt really show, about to make my own very soon though...

as for the suit, I suggest spraying it , rather then putting it in the wasking machine with a paint colour, myn got out way to blue, and with spray cans, you get a nice un-even, weathered look to it...

good deal I;d say :cheers


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Scapegoat, Nice suit :love If I may ask.... how did you sew on the thigh pockets? Did you take the legs apart, sew them on, then sew them back together? :confused Or did it come that way?

Killer gloves as well :)

Jangos kid

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The gloves you have with the cuffs attached look fine to me. For your jumpsuit, you can just "dip" it in a very dilluted solution of water and blue dye in a tub. Thats what I did with mine & it turned out great. Just make sure to to use very little dye at first. Dip it once, let it dry & see how it looks. If you need to, dip it again for a longer period of time if you want more blue, or you can add a bit more dye if you decide you need it. Just go very slow, and take yoour time. Its much easier to add color than to rmove it IMO. ;) Most importantly...make absolutely shure you have the dye completely dilluted & mixed up when you dip the thing!!!!! Otherwise, some dye will settle on the bottom and you will get a few very dark blue spots on it. If possible, don't let the the coverall touch the bottom of the tub. Also, Make shure the coverall is completely dry first before you decide if you've got it blue enough. It will look alot darker when its wet. Should be a great coveral for you:)
edit: probably want to use rit royal blue, (very sparingly) and get the liquid stuff rather than the packets if possible;)