yet another new armor thread

Yroc Yar

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i realy feel like i wanted to share my pics of my new armor that i just finished painting .even thoughthere seams to be plenty going around .i made my new stuff from sentra and used the other threads as reference pics . thanks guys for posting your threads , they really do help out allot.and pics can be seen here .they new armor is at the bottom .


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Hey, my man that looks great !
I also like the full pocket look with the flight suit.
Excellent job fits you well, IMO the best fett suits appear to be the ones that "fit" right, meaning the armor "covers" the persons body in all the right areas and is correctly sized to the person wearing it - like yours,
looks great my man (Ialso like the alternate cape - nice touch -something new)


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My hats off. (y) I am always impressed at people who make their own armor from scratch, especially when it comes out looking so good. :cheers