yay for wearing an upgraded helmet!


Just wanted to express my excitement...
Got to premier my new JD helmet with the costume last night at the Star Wars One Man Trilogy in Minneapolis. It was fabulous. The helmet still needs some work (like the right color paint for the light blue, darn you Krylon Short Cuts!), but it sure beats my old Rubies getup! I will post pics tomorrow.
Keep on huntin'
picture time!

Hey guys, as promised, got some pics. I will call this my JD 1.0. Any helpful criticism would be nice, though I do realize I need the right color light blue, and weathering, and basic touch ups. Anyone who has extra Krylon Short Cuts Ocean Blue, I am willing to buy!
I think you can access my facebook page for these very detailed in process pics... I will post some pics directly soon.


There are a couple pics at the One Man show in Minneapolis in full gear.
Keep on huntin'!
God Bless
Pics Away!

Ok guys,
Sorry about the non facebookability of most of you. Here are a few of the inprocess pictures at predominant stages. The last one is me wearing it at the One Man Show (with my wife, so no ogling her!) :lol:
Like I said, it is in it's very first stage, and I know I have work to do, but I hope you like it! It makes all the difference compared to the uncustomized Rubies one I had!
Peace out :cheers

cut and sanded.JPG

unpainted with ears.JPG

Jango fast.JPG


spray paint.JPG

Done helmet.JPG

Jango and wife.JPG
petepurin said:
Caption for picture #3-
"My Fast likes the windows DOWN!"
Anyone who gets the reference, please let me know! :)

Isn't that one of those new VW commercials? With the little evil creature in the passenger seat? :)
Costume looks great! And from your wife's smile, it looks like she "puts-up" with your uncommon hobby, good. You're definitely a lucky man!

yeah, Cruzer, got me a swell wife :) Thanks for the kudos, guys!
Congrats to superjedi for figuring out the VW commercail reference. loved those commercials...
Sweet. I just about went to that show, but my suit is apart right now for a few repaints and upgrades. Should have it back together soon & hope to attend more events in the metro area. Great looking bucket there;)
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