WTB: Helmet...where???


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Hey guys! I'm new to the boards so please excuse my "newbie" question. I'm interested in purchasing a Clone Trooper helmet and a Bounty (probably boba fett) Hunter Helmet but I'm not sure where to get one. I've seen tutorials on making them myself but I'm not comfortable with making it myself nor do I have the tools or a place to do it. This would be used primarily for displaying purposes (if that makes a difference). Thanks in advance for any help:)

Jimmy BufFETT

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First off, welcome to The Dented Helmet. I'm sending you an email right now as I may be able to help you with the Fett Helmet. Just a note: if you are looking to buy, sell, or trade anything here, I suggest you post the topic in 'The Cargo Hold.' That is where most discussions regarding merchandise transactions take place.


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Thanks Jimmy. I will send you a PM so that you can send me that email to my work email address (thats where I am now). the one I registered with is my hom addy. anyway, I will take a look in the Cargo Hold in the mean time

Buckeye 01

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Hi and welcome. For a clone bucket may I suggest you contact Javamonkey over at clonetrooper.net. Don't post a wanted ad in the for sale section, that's a no no. There are several beautiful Fett helmets out there. You should contact Marrow sun, Skygunbro, or Boba Maker. They all make an awesome bucket! Good luck.

Dark One

I have a couple Master Replica clone helemts if you are wanting one just for display. I have a plain white one and a shock trooper. Prices are pretty cheap. Pm me if interested. If you are wanting a kit, clonetroopers.net is the place to go. Do a search and you will find several makers of helmets. As mentioned above, don't post a WTB thread. It will get deleted.