wich one is the best way to close a gauntlet?


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Hello, i am wondering, wich one is the best way to close the gauntlets?
I know most people use velcro, but i dont like it because with the time, it becomes exhausted.
Any solution?

My gauntlets don't close. I haev foam inside and I have to slide them on. I'm not so sure that this is the best solution though. Goodluck!
What do you mean it benig exhausted? I use velcro never had a problem but I guess it depends on what there made of.
Thanks for the answer anakin!

cal196... I´ll try to expalin it...
For example, ive got a Nokia case for my movile phone whic closes with velcro. The case doesn´t close yet. Te velcro has been to used as to be closed and now I cannot close it.
That´s what I mean.
I fear that with the time, ill can´t close the gauntlets
OH well dont worry, the super duper velcro from wal-mart will never wear. It is rough though its not generic grade velcro. I have some of it on my towel door in the bathroom and it hasnt worn out in 2 years of almost everyday use.
Another way to keep your Gauntlets tight is to do what they did for the Movie, use a pin closure system. An easy way to make one is with some strip-hinge, like the one seen joining Jango's Gauntlet-halves. Place the hinge inside the closed Gauntlet & glue the hinges one to each Gauntlet side. Remove the hinge's center rod & replace it with a threaded rod. Place a nut for the threaded rod at the wrist end of your closure system. I could go on, but you probably get the idea.
Cheers Jono!
SWFreak said:
how about using some rare earth magnets? Ya know, the REALLY strong ones.

Man, thats a interesting idea. Never thought about that. Now i´ve already atached velcro to my gauntlets, but someone could try that
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