WhyItMatterz Attempt at a PP1 Eyes FPH2

Hi, Everyone

So a few weeks ago I received my FPH2 from Wasted Fett, and haven't had the time to post till now. After a few weeks of trying to decide between the two Pre pro 1's, I decided on trying to replicate the "Eyes" helmet.


I can't say enough good things about the Kit, and couldn't put it down when I first got it :)

Once I worked up the courage to drill in to it, I started, to work on the left ear


I had quite the time trying to get the ear to line up correctly, but once I widened up the bottom hole, it fits pretty
good now.



After that I decided to take a brake from the ears and worked my way to the key slots. Which so far has been my favorite part.


They're not perfect. I messed up a a bit on the first one, making it slightly larger than the rest.

Then I got a bit excited and when trying to remove a piece of gelcoat from the right blinker, I wasent being careful enough and chipped it a little bit.


It should be no problem to fix though, with just some putty.
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Couldn't wait any longer to see it built, so some parts like the right ear cap, and visor are just taped on for now, intill I can get them more permitly attached. But most of the assembly is done, now its almost time for paint!