who makes the best jumpsuit?

thanks guys.

Yep i'ts for the ESB suit and I'm also redoing my Jango jumpsuit I really want cotton. My jango is made of 70% poly and 30% cotton.
Seeker, I would suggest buying your own material and sending it to a reliable seamsstress in your area. That way you can keep track of the progress whenever you want and make sure it is as accurate as possible. :)

Mine is still in the works and my final fitting is next week. It looks great so far, I will post pictures before and after diying it when its finished.
If you decide to send RA your material, make sure to wash it first, maybe even a couple of times. Especially with 100%cotton, you'll want to wash it first, as it will shrink a bit.
Baddblood said:
I'm assuming you mean ESB for your new costume. :D
RA makes a great one but sometimes the color might seem a little off.

I have his and the color/material is off. I would supply ur own material if i where you, if my memory serves me correct tk-409 does one....not positive though, might want to shoot him PM

RA stuff is pretty good minus the color/material.
I recently purchased a bobamaker suit. He did a bang up job weathering it for me, and the color seems pretty close. I like it.
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