who is the source of this rotj blaster (won on Ebay)???


New Hunter
just wom this item on ebay,
can someone tell me the source or maker of it.
looks good

Spidey2222 wrote:

I am not sure who actually assembled it and painted it but I am pretty sure I know where the kit came from ;)

My spidey sense is tingling to give me a sneaky suspicion I know too! A blaster like that could have only been made by....

...will Bobo reveal who the maker of this blaster is?...will the maker himself show himself?...tune in next time!..same fett channel, same fett place!

It is NOT a Mark Bradley..........I can tell you that much..........it's wayyyyy toooooooo goooooooood,for a Bradley...........I know........I bought one..........yours is cast from a real Webley...........mine ain't.......................
I guess I need to make sure that everyone knows that I am no longer making these kits. :( I had just done a limited run after fabricating one for me. I had spent so many hours making the original that I didn't want anything to happen to it, so I made myself a copy. I then made a few for other people but when the supplies ran out and the molds wore out, I retired.

I have a neighbor that has express interest in picking up where I left off but only if there is enough interest. I will forward him all pm's and email's and if there is enough interest, he can contact you.
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