Which t-visor for Scratch WOF ESB Helm? Repaint ROTJ helm as ESB?


Hello everyone.
First of all, I might have ****ed it up here (please tell me) but at first I wanted to do a ROTJ Boba and did that helmet. After a year I changed my mind and I've allredy started getting ESB parts.
I can just repaint the helmet to achieve a ESB or is the constitution too diferent in WOF's templates? :eek:

Ok now to the topic of my question.
I used some acrilyc sheets to do the visor, which barely let me see outside of it.
Will t-visors let me see outside, right?
Which one should I get? http://www.t-visor.com/shop/standard/ or http://www.t-visor.com/shop/slim-deluxe/ ? how could I know?
Also, when I removed the visor portion cardboard, the cheeks expanded and I'm controlling that with a metal piece inside. Will the fixed visor do the job?
Also, as it was sanded by hand, and over the cardboard, the finish is not perfect. I don't think the seam helm-visor will be perfect. Should this be much of a problem?

Thanx a lot!!!

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Your questions are related. You need to get the t-visor that best fits your helmet. For instance, I had an FPH2 helmet, so I used the FP Deluxe visor. The descriptions indicate which helmet the visor fits best. Note that after installing, I still had to trim the visor a bit... actually I sanded it down, but it still needed some fitting.

As to whether or not you could repaint a ROTJ helmet to an ESB helmet... well, the damage is not the same on both helmets and there are some minor differences between the helmets. Personally, given all of the work that goes into painting a helmet, I would get the proper one. I am not as detail oriented as most, but painting a helmet is hard work and you are going to want to get it right. As you lay the layers down, you start to see how the damage fits with the paint job.


Well, since I made it out of cardboard and bondo, the damage was just made by me and I can reshape it with more bondo don't I? I'd just need to add the small piece up in the rangefinder and the little circle with holes in the right cheek. Or are ear builds much different?


Ears are mostly just paint. You can reshape the damage but it depends on how much you wanna do lol for example I bought the DVH helm and I actually had to fill in some of the damage as it's a ESB mold and give it some hard love in a couple other places

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