Which One's better?


I'm a starter on making armor and helmets,I'm about to buy a helmet, but I don't know which is better. A rubies boba fett, a DP '97, a DP '96 or a DP '97?
The white enterior Don Post 95 is what you want it is one of the best mass produced helmets they made, it is made from vinyl plastic polymer, not rotocast latex. The interior should be white -ask before you buy- and it also seems to me the 95's plastic is thicker and more durable than the 96/97, The 95 also seems much eaiser to shape. I have had all three at one time but kept the 95.
As the white interior 95 is most desirable and pretty difficult to find, I have to chime in and say that I have personally seen some very nice green interior 95 helmets as well. As long as it is a 95 you can't go wrong no matter which interior color you get.
Ya I dont think the white or Green interior makes a difference where the 95 is concerned. I am just being on the safe side as many people on eBay will says its a 95 and its not, if there is a white interior you cant go wrong, or ask to see the stamp on the back of it.
Yes, good call cal196, I once won what was supposed to be a 95 DP on Ebay. When I got it it was actually stamped 96. The stamp was really deap and so hard to read that the seller thought it was a 95. Luckily they let me send it back and refunded my money.
Also, check and see how deeply recessed the T-Visor is. The '95 has a more accurate deep recessed visor whereas the '96 and '97 have very shallow molded visors.
I have a 95 with white interior that I actually got back in 1995. It is 10 years old. It is a nice helmet. But I use a Mystery for my costume.
I just got my helmet from Marrow_sun today and all I have to say are good things. his work is amazing and this is probobly the happiest I have ben in a LONG TIME! almost 0 air bubbles in the greebles and I cant wait to send this thing off to get painted. I HIGHLY reccomend buying one from him
This is a pretty late reply, but if you haven't gotten a bucket yet and have a lucritive budget, go for the DP'95. Word of warning, it has a stench to it. I don't know why, but it just naturally smells. When/if you get one, wash the inside with slightly soapy water, airdry, and paint the inside. For some reason that pretty much eliminates the odor.
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