Which helmet is this?


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Hi guys and gals,

I recently bought a BF helmet off someone that claimed it was an MSH. I was curious if it really is or if it's a different version. I think it's pretty safe to assume that this is a recasted helmet. The fiberglassing is less than desireable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Its one of those that crops up all the time here, usually under the heading 'My Mystery Helmet Is Cracked/Split/Thin' From what Ive read in previous threads its going to need some serious reinforcement.
Great, just what I needed to hear. Yeah, I'm the one who posted there. Can you tell I'm not very happy with it? I wish I would have done some more homework, really sad thing is I've seen some nicer helmets going for less than I paid. :( Oh well, live and learn I guess.

You might have to sell it for alittle less than you paid for it. Take a little loss but be rid of it. Or paint it and let it be a learning project. Then sell it (it will be easier to sell finished) Then take that money and buy a new one, now you have "learned" on the first and the second should come out even better.
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