Which helmet fits?


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Ok, I am trying to get things in line to get my helmet. I am noticing alot of people selling their buckets because they don't "fit". Can any of you help me figure which helemt would fit me?

I have a 7 1/4" hat size (for fitted ball caps, etc.)
And no Tucan Sam nose either...

For an average sized head, a DP 95 or 96 will do the trick. Not a lot of extra room but okay.

For us larger nuggeted peeps, you'll need to go for a Mystery helmet or a MSH, MSH 2 or if you've got a 57" Buick on your neck like me, you'll need an MLC helmet.

Word to the wise - a lot of times fibreglass recasts of DP helmets come out smaller than the original due to shrinkage and thickness of the fibreglass.

You should be able to wear a DP without much trouble unless you wear glasses.

I'm going to start a "big headed, glasses wearing" support group for people like myself. All welcome. :)
Well, I gotta say. I'm only 5'2" and the 95 DP was a little small for me personally once I got 2 fans put in there. And don't even think about a rangefinder servo. I recently upgraded to a slightly larger fiberglass bucket.
That's the size of my noggin as well.The DP96 fits with my nose touching the visor.The DP95 hits Front & back when I "try" to put it on.
Thanks all for the input, now I know which difection to go in. So from as far as I can tell, I am looking for a DP95 or 96...thanks again.

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