Which colours?


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Hi all.
Can anyone tell me, or point me to pics of, the correct color scheme for a prepro fett jet pack? (or is it the same as the ESB or RotJ?)
The prepro jet pack and I assume you mean the prepro2 version, is the same colors as the ROTJ pack only less weatherd, so the colors are brighter. It also has considerably less scratches. I am doing a Prepro 2 costume (its almost done as soon as my gauntlets get in) but I went with the ROTJ jet pack only because it isn't so bright colored.
Thanks. I was dreading that it'd be the same as that technicolor terror in RotJ.
Oh well. in for a penny in for a pound.
It is the same as the technicolor ROTJ jP it is just less weathered. So all the colors are there just less silver and dirt.
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