Where do I find the hoses for the Jango Gauntlets?


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I tried to look for the tutorial and couldnt find anything in the cargo hold. Are the hoses used for Jango just some typical home depot item? What are they called?


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You can usually find them at a hardware store. They are supply line hoses. Braided nylon hose. Just be sure to get the right size.......there is inner diameter measurements, and outer diameter measurements.


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If you can find blue nylon braided hoses please let us know where. I have only been able to find clear hoses. If you can't find blue they can be dyed I would recommend RIT Navy Blue powder. If the powder doesn't work give the liquid a shot. They will probably have to sit for about 24 hours in the dye before it reaches the correct color.
(Disclaimer) this is the technique for dying the hoses that I have read here on TDH that seems to have the best results. My blue hoses came with the gauntlet kit that I purchased from Cruzer so I have not tested this method.
This is the thread for dying them. http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/f28/how-do-i-dye-jango-fett-tubes-44381/?highlight=jango+hose
As far as the diameter goes I believe it's 1/2" OD I'll double check mine when I get home.
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