Where Can i find sentra plastic?


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Hello everyone. I am new to this forum. I am looking forward to making my Boba Fett armor. the First question i have is where can I find sentra plastic?
I tried Flexiglass yet it cracked.
Hey, not bad on your armor. good job. Well, i just asked and we don't have a factory in this town. i can double-check. any other ideas?

just for the record i already got my helmet. it only needs a new visor and a little repainting. If i knew how to post photos i would ;)
is there a micheals in TN, if not try Ace Hardware, lowes or home depot, im not sure tho im looking for some right now to. home depot should have it i think i remember seeing it there
I just looked up sign makers in the Phone book and started asking them for it most round here were helpfull but didnt have what i wanted so I bout some big for rent signs at the Home Dissapointment that worked out nice. I spent like 9 bucks on them
I went to micheal's on the weekend and all the keep in stock is 5mm too thick for armour i called a plastic company in the city and the have all kinds of thicknesses in stock in 4x8 sheets of black and white i'm going to see them next monday .
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