Where can I buy ESB colors in Europe ?


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where can I can buy the colors of the Rogue-studio-list for my ESB bucket in Europe (with shipping to Germany) ?

Or does anyone of you has a comparison-list to the testors-colors from an European seller / brand ?

I tried to use Testors-online-shop but they don´t sell to Germany (or am I to stupid to use the shop ? ) and I didn´t find a hint over the "tdh-search-function"....


Thanks for your help..


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As mentioned in my own helmet WIP thread, I use acryl colos from Rayher DecoArt. They turned out to be pretty good. (y)
Although I am located in Austria, I think those should be available in Germany too. Check out some hobbystores.


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tk2647 said:
Scooby, thanks for your help..:cheers

Anyone another idea, f.e. with TAMIYA colors or HUMBROL ? :confused

Thanks !

you can get close with tamiya and games workshop paint but you will have to do a bit of mixing