What the heck are these things

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Hey I was lookin throuhg the ref. cd on BB's site and noticed this

what the heck are these little screw things.
does anyone have them on thier buckets?
They're only on the Magic of Myth ROTJ helmet I believe, and they don't appear on the Art of Star Wars ESB helmet.

Brak's was all over this a few months ago, but I don't know that he ever really got them ID'd for sure. General consensus seems to believe them to be small wire connector caps.
Those little caps also appear on the PrePro suit (2nd?)-- the one the cannabalized for the ROTJ with the funky little gun. It's only on the ROTJ and that version of the PrePro that those caps show up. Makes ya wonder....

I don't think anything was ever positively identified as the correct cap-- Max is right that everything just seemed to be too big.
the kinda look like the caps off adhesive containers (superglue) with screws driven through them
any other ideas?
It's a clever idea WPK, but those caps don't pass through the helmet. In fact, the Prepro has those caps with someone in the suit--and so does the ROTJ. Unless they wanted to "secure" his head in the helmet. lol.
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