What that under Bobas Jet Pack?!

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What that under Bobas Jetpack?!

I came across these photos, and I was wondering if this was on the actual prop or fan made. I never heard or maybe haven't seen a thread that talks about the doo-dads below the jet pack. If these parts were there would they be on ESB or both? Can't tell in the close ups here if this is ESB pack or ROTJ

Just curious


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Actually that's one of the pre-pro packs.

The 'doo-dads' are all audio/visual connectors. From right to left you have a Female XLR socket, a Male XLR socket, a BNC connector, possibly a 3.5 Jack socket, and a binding post.

From memory these got thrown out for ESB and I think the ROTJ backpack lost them as well.. for some reason I keep seeing a recessed area in my mind.
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