what "off the shelf" paints would you use?


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Just wondering what paints people use that they have just bought from the store for their esb boba helmets and armor? Would love to see pictures of how they turned out!

The helmet was covered in a topic by Rogue Studios try a search for "It ain't easy being green" I believe that the armor is also covered in there.
I'm pretty sure i've read that thread, but i was talking more along the lines of spray paints and not the Testors paints.

Matt - Here is the thread where I posted my helmet and Chest plate:

I used American Accents (AA) paints on most of mine.

- Helmet -
Base - Krylon Bright Silver
On the dome and cheeks I used AA Moss Green.
AA Hunt Club Green on the back (I just couldn't find a good bluish color so I matched it with everything else.)
Circles on the top of cheeks was Walmart Satin Black.
Madibles were some odd and end paint alon with some rust colored primer.
Weathered by spraying on some black and Testors Flat Olive Matte and Flat Black on a rag dabbed on lightly.
Those pics really wash the colors out bad.

- Armor -
Krylon Bright Silver for the the base.
Then I applied AA Summer Squash for my yellow coat.
I used AA Moss Green as the base coat of green on the armor and then misted it with AA Hunt Club Green, some Walmart brande Flat Black, and some type of camoflage color (the name escapes me now) I bought at Walmart as well.
After spraying all of that, I used some Testors Flat Olive Matte, Flat Black on a rag and just dabbed it on lightly to weather it some more.

- Shoulders -
Base - Krylon Silver
Next - AA Summer Squash
Then I used a Caterpillar Yellow color (unsure of the brand name, but I got it at ACE Hardware) for the left, and Walmart-cheapo Orange for the right.
Weathered with some Testors Yellow, and Flat Black, and Flat Olive Matte.

- Gauntlets -
I used the AA Moss Green for the base.
The weathering was achieved by using Testors Bright Silver brushed on and the Flat Black mixed with Windex to make a "weathering bath" which was brushed on and dabbed off.

- Jet Pack -
I am using Krylon silver for the base.
Next AA Moss Green
The red areas are just some odd end end paint I had that was Red and Burgandy.
I will "mustard mask" and weather it using the Testors Silver and the bath method.

- Knees -
Base - Krylon Silver again
Next - AA Summer Squash
Caterpillar Yellow and weathered with some Testors Yellow, and Flat Black.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. I'll help up the best I can. I tried airbrushing too, and it just wasn't working for me.
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