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After seeing all the cool costumes at Celebration 2, I've been researching like crazy and looking up info on building myself either a Boba or Jango Fett costume....Either way, I am going to need armor and have been looking into either using Sintra, which I havent been able to locate yet, or sheet aluminum, which seems cheap, but looks like it will be difficult to cut/shape. Any suggestions between the two....How much does Sintra generally go for, the amount that one would need to make the Boba/Jango armor? I don't have a lot of tools to work with, but do have a Dremel, and I want to be able to do this on my own....Any info would be MUCH appreciated!
On average, Sintra is around $20-$25 for a 4'x8' sheet. Go with the 1/8" thickness. Try calling around to companies that make signs and see who their plasitc supplier is.
Sintra is also calles Cel-tek by some companies. Ask for that if you're having trouble finding sintra.
here is their web address http://www.alusuisse-comp.com just go to the contact us and call them. you can tell them where you live and they will give you the closest dealer. i couln't find any around where i live either until i called them.
I used styrene plastic to make my armor. It was pretty easy to work with.
Agreed, Sintra. And with just a bit of searching I found that there are dozens of sign shops in my town, just start calling around at all the sign shops and ask if they have the Sintra material (I believe it's technical name is Closed Cell PVC Foam?). I unfortunately found a place that were a buncha jerks and charged me $30 for the sheet AND $5 to cut it in half, on top of that they were just plain rude when dealing with me when I showed up to pick up the material.

Some of the other materials I would not recommend, sheet metal can be extremely dangerous and very sharp. Would hate to cut a nice wound open on your throat if you fell and some Boba chestplate armor went accross your neck. Plexiglass or Acrylic cam tend to break and crack really easy, as well as be more difficult to work with and bend than Sintra, but that also diepends on the varying degree of plexi you obtain (plexi can also be terribly expensive!).
this thread is from 2002, the old boba fett costume forums. i'm pretty sure the question has been answered by now. however if you can offer any new information on the debate feel free to add it.
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