What is the rocket tip made of?


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WHat have you veterans out there made your rocket on the left guauntlet out of? I'd love some tips and tricks pleas.
Made mine of wood spindles... that I had... a think one and sanded them down to form the shapes.. then used Sintra to create the fins that are along the body of the rocket / missle. Cheap for sure...
The original was made from a clutch alignment tool of some sort.The actual model/make is presently being searched for by our many local experts.It'll be a matter of time before it is identified. :) The tip was machined in some way shape,or form.

I heard the original tip was a brass plumbers baub, I'm not sure if thats the right spelling. They can be found at Lowes in different sizes. Its been a few years since the first time I heard this so things might have changed. I'm sure if I'm wrong someone will point it out.
Plumbers don't use a plumb bob, carpentes do :D It is a pointed weight used to determine a line perpendicular to the ground. You hang it from a string to create a reference line. You might use this to line up fence posts, bricks, what not. I have looked at a bunch, none come close to the Fett version, but I don't doubt that it is one.
The antique ones look closer than the newer ones. I also thought it might be an antique top or something. The holes would have made it whistle while spinning.
I didn't make one that looks just like the "real" thing. I used something from what I think goes inside of lamps. I just sort of pulled it apart and stuck it back together in strange ways, then painted it. I like how it turned out.
Does anyone know the dimensions of the rocket "body" and the "tip"? I'm going to try and crank something out using my Shop Smith later today.

I need the diameter and length of the body, and a rough estimate on some of the dimensions of the tip. The tip is so complex, I can't hope for EVERY dimension, but any of them would help!

Does anyone have any ideas?

thanks! :D
I carved mine from a piece of 1" dia pvc conduit. For the tip I used some toy drill
bit that I found at a yard sale for $0.10 (I bought two!).
I have 3/4" and 1" dowels, and was going to use one of those sizes for the body, but I don't know how long to cut it. :(

I plan on making the splines out of Sintra, and the tip out of Scupley.

So far I've finished my right gauntlet. I made the base for it out of a plastic cup from Walmart (fit my arm PERFECTLY). People in the store were looking at me like I was crazy as I would hold these cups up to my arm, then stick my hand inside the cup. If only they knew what I was up to... ;) I built it up by making several "sub-assemblies" out of Sintra, part of a baby formula bottle (which was vacuformed Styrene!), and various other things. I must say that after the epoxy dried and the paint settled, I was pleasantly surprised! :D
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