what is the easiest method for making a scratch built jet pack?? plz help.

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what is the easiest method for making a scratch built jetpack?? plz help.

i have seen alot of tutorials and examples of very fine scratch :jet pack, but my problem is that im not as talented as those of you who have mede them. i am looking for the simplest way to achieve the desired result without using paper mache or spending a ton of money. hopefully someone can help or give me a parts list from home depot or something. thanks guys.


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Wizardofflight is working on Jet Pack templates right now, but when he has them fully done, you can print them out so you can use them to build your own pack out of plastic sheeting or other materials.
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I used the templates on here that I believe were posted by WOF. (Thanks, WOF!) Some plywood and ABS pipe. I got halfway done in under 8 hours. (My shoddy Armenian workmanship isnt that bad, either.) As soon as i finish, I will post the picks and a tutorial. You can make a :jet pack for about $40 - 50 this way. (I think I even came out less than that!) Give me a few days to get around to it.
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