What helmet is this ?


I am 80% done my Fett ROTJ and I thought I would try to find out what version of Fett bucket I have . As I am not a authority in this area I thought I would ask the pros. Did I get a good deal and what one do I have . I can say that it is a fiberglass version,and the ( ebay ) seller described it as a MSH ( mystery sized helmet ) .It is described as a wider version than DP Deluxe and appears to have a good paint job ( picture colors are washed slightly from flash ) . It has a nice dark clear visor and looks overall good .My only gripe is even though they look alright .. the ear pieces and range finder ( soon to be replaced with Boba Maker ) seem to be made of a solid wood .So here are a few pics .... and I'll let the pros decide . What have I got here?


Copy of Fett Helm FRT.JPG

Copy of Fett Helm LF.JPG

Copy of Fett Helm RT.JPG

Copy of Fett Helm BK.JPG
Well, it's kind of strange, because it has some characteristics of the Deluxe, and some of the Mystery helmet.

I don't know what you paid, but aside from a Mystery Helmet, it's probably one of the better helmets to start from. The weakest point aside from the ears is the spacing and width of the corner of the eye slots. Additionally, I see quite a few other weird things.
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See I'm learning already .I have finished my Vader and stormtrooper but the Fett is new territory. I plan to change the whole rangefinder with the hollow resin Boba Maker version and I have an extra ( new ) visor but this one seems good . I will dremel out the vents at the back .I just added a adjustable helmet liner inside which is held in with dome snaps.I have seen some guys have the green and red LEDs in the range finder . Are there any other mods I can do ( seeing as I am the rookie here )

Well I don't know what you paid for your helmet, but that's a poor representation of an ESB Fett helmet not ROTJ. Your going to have to repaint if your looking for the Jedi look.
So .... Marrow , do you think the helmet is poor ..... or just the paint job ? And if I want to switch it to the ROTJ paint who can tell me what exact colors to use and how to prep for paint ? Where would be the best place to get a detailed template or pictures to use as reference to repaint ? Or 3rd am I better off ( seeing as I have never painted a bucket ) to find someone who can do the job for me?

I was looking at the reference pictures on TK409 s site . The 3 way comparison and as i said I am no expert but it looks like his mystery helmet . What are the key areas or characteristics that define the different helmets ? And finaly ... what is a good style of helmet to have if I should decide to change , that wont surpass $500 . I want a good helmet .... but i dont want to go crazy ....$500 maximum .

Not an Altmanns. I'm pretty sure. Could be a standard DP with a new paintjob. Look at the thickness of the RF cap.

I think you have a good looking helmet, its the paint job thats bad. Unfortunatly there is no definitive list of colours for ROTJ, but I would sand that baby down and prime it and start from scratch. There is plenty of reference material available to you here on TDH.
I hear you Marrow ... thanks .. What's the scoop on Boba Maker ? I see he offers a raw fiberglass helmet . Anyone out there got one?I was going to order his range finder and stalk anyway . Maybe it would be easier to sell mine on ebay and start from scratch ? How does his bucket compare ?

I dont know but Bobamaker sells the warped ESB style helmet, and the ROTJ helmet does not have that. Now you can go with an ESB ROTJ suit but th ESB painting sceme is very hard. For a true ROTJ helmet I would go with Marrow's. I would have had one but my dog got sick I have been broke for awhile :(
Looks like a modified dp deluxe, its the corners of the eyeslots like someone mentioned before, that makes me think its a deluxe, I could be wrong, I usually am :lol:
Well I found out today when I posted some pics under the "armor " thread that while putting on my helmet ( the stalk fell froward ) it snapped the stalk. I thought it was wood , however it turns out it is resin .So how does one stop the thing from crashing forward .

Ah .... the aluminum stalk ..... I just ordered one ( see bigkidbiggertoys ) from a member on TDH . Should be about $25 . I think it's the way to go . Then you dont have to worry about it snapping in public when someone touches it .I'll let you know when I get mine . I am also getting a hollow range finder assembly and working on some wee lights to go inside courtesy of a TDH member .

I do not think that you have a mystery helmet there. I looked at my mystery helmet last knight and there are some major differences. First off a mystery is not a round as thay. Also I noticed that all sides of you helmet are securley flat on the table. When I was looking at my mystery helmet, when it sits on a flat surface the sides of the helmet are about a quarter of an inch off the table. Also the front of a mystery helmet is a little flatter and wider. Also where the visor ends at the side of the mask, your gap is a little wider. If I had to guess what type of helmet you got, I would say a recast of a DP Deluxe. I don't think it is an altmans. You should have paid between 250 and 300. I myself paid 350 for my mystery.
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