What does your velcro scheme look like on your vest?


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I was curious as to what people's velcro scheme for attaching the chest/back armor looked like on their vests.

If you have pics of yours, could you please post it here for us to see so we know how to do ours up?
After hearing about the velcro making chest armor look "puffy" (unless it's sewed on) I opted to use snaps for every component of my armor.I JUST finished it with the exception of the back armor,but my JP/backarmor will be here this week (YEAH !) .The snaps turned out AWESOME,and just like my Trooper armor it always stays in the same position,and I can take it on/off with the armor in tact.

I just thought I'd give you another option for fastening to think about :)

I had read that the real Jango chest armor was permenetly attached, and velcro wasnt working very good for me, so that's what I did. I used goop, that stuff is great.

Are snaps hard to install? Do you have pics that I can reference off of your vest? Where did you buy the snaps at? What do you use to adhere the snaps to the chest armor? Epoxy glue?
The "Heavy Duty" snaps I used were purchased at Home Depot.If you've never installed a snap before it's real easy.As far as reference from mine goes,you really don't need any with doing it this way.

I used 8 snaps on the R/L chest peices each,10 on the bottom,3 on the diamond,2 on each shoulder,2 on each side of the collar armor-back,2 on each knee,2 on each side of the cod/butt plate,4 on the inside of the cod to corresponding snaps (M/F) on the jumpsuit,one on the front of the cod for the "thong",and one on the butt plate to attach it front and back.

There is no one pattern to use just whatever you think will hold best,.....more is better of course,but too many makes it harder to put on.I made custom mounts out of thin gauge welding aluminum (also from Home Depot)for my snaps to put on my armor then JB Welded them on.I then used the setting tool to put the corresponding snaps on the jumpsuit.I put a dab of white paint on the armor snaps after they had all cured,and then pressed against the vest to mark EXACTLY where the snaps were to go.Then I punched through the vest with a scratch awl,and into the snap back,then hammered it on.

This sounds complicated I'm sure,but it's more methodical,and repetitive once you start it.I've done my Trooper armor this way,and now my Fett.Next I'll do my Sandtrooper.It becomes self explanatory once you start,and you'll find your own way to make it work for you.The hardest part is jumping in,and just doing it,.......oh,and punching holes in a vest that you know can't be replaced ;)

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