what do you think of my armor i made


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I am almost done with my armor that i have been working on for about a week. I want to thank AFettFullofDollars for the trash can idea. All that i have left to do is to put the dents on the sholder peaces, other than that it is done, possably just a few touch ups besides that. I just wanted some feed back from people of what they thought of what i have done so far. Remember these started as two trash cans and now is fett armor. I have placed them on a pillow so that it has something curved to form to I do not have a vest to display it on yet but soon I hope. just let me know what you think i will attach a few pictures so you can see it. thanks, and look foward to see what the real fett pro's views is on my armor choice. Trash Cans :lol:

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the tool that i used to put the dents in was a drumel i first started out with bigger type grinding wheel and then i switched to the wire brush peace, it seemed to be more maintainable in the fact that it did not remove the material so quickly. I anyone else is to do that the brush is the way to go but you gave to rotate the armor piece so you don't end up with brush strokes all in one direction, then you take a finer grain sand paper to the dent to smooth the rest of it out good luck to all the other fetts out there.

P.S. If anyone like my armor enough i may sell a set just like it un-battle damage or battle damaged, the battle damaged will cost a little more due to the labor of puting in all the dents and dings. thanks again.
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