What do you guys think of this helmet?



What do you guys think of this helmet?



I bought this on E-Bay, haven't recieved it yet.
Looks like a DP 97 to me. If it is its what I use but I warn you , they need a fair bit of work to bring up to scratch ( but then THATS the fun part aint it!!!!!:D)
I'm not at all worried about super duper accuracy. Someday you'll see why, once i get the helmet and work on it. :-D

I actually don't want a flare to the helmet. I am wondering how I could possibly make the dome more rounded though.

Any tips?
The DP 97 was my first helmet.....to shape the dome; using the oven seemed a little dangerous at first so I boiled some water in a really big pot..it Worked great...took a little longer but I was able to heat up the dome only and not the whole helmet....
The DP 97 though is really fexible when heated, so becareful and don't leave it in a hot car..FYI.
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