What do all yalls Zammers do for a living?

Homeschooling Mom and still doing lots of volunteer work...

Web design on the side... :D To keep my sanity I suppose. ;)

Edit: Had to update the work profile here as it wasn't accurate any longer. Who knows, it could change again. Previous work experience includes working for the Dept. of Corrections - with the Juvies - does that count in the bounty-hunter line of work? ;)
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my 8-4/m-f is mail order catalog graphic layout... been doing that for 6 years, but hopefully that will be ending soon...

i'm currently focusing more on my t-shirt biz... i got a few big accts. and I'm buying a new printing set up (so i don't have to pay someone else to print my shirts)

oh - and I've been selling on eBay for over 7 years.
I'm a drafter for a civil engineering group. Part time I work in optical, selling eyeglasses, processing insurance, etc., and for times when I want to be really busy, I work as a coreographer and/ or costumer for some local theatres and colorguards (we just closed Man of la Mancha last week- whew!!!) It's a good thing I like having free time..... :rolleyes
What are you talking about blue? You don't have time to sneeze, let alone let me hand you a tissue! LOL And whatever happened to the dented ceiling discussion forum? :lol:

Ya know, I forgot to mention my jobs, got 3~ Accts payable clerk, 2 piano teaching jobs, - the studios at the same piano company, and my in-home studio.

Wow, there is NO trend! We're all a bunch of :wacko silly people!
I currently have my own Handyman Service. I started it one year ago and it's starting to pick up. It's not something I want to do forever as I'm trying to get more into real estate investing.

I used to have a band and traveled the states for a few years playing country / classic rock / originals 5 to 6 nights a week. Sometimes 7 nights with no time to get to the next gig which sometimes could have been 14 hours away.....once from north of Minneapolis to North Platte Nebraska....as an example.

Also grew up in construction so off an on, I've been a foreman / carpenter for my Dad's Construction company. Started that when I was 12 (be 31 next month ;) ).

Zam I Am wrote:

What are you talking about blue? You don't have time to sneeze, let alone let me hand you a tissue! LOL And whatever happened to the dented ceiling discussion forum? :lol:

Ha ha- that's really funny! I like my dented ceiling!! And I do all of my sneezing on payable time, while at work. :rolleyes

And you're busier than I am... do you ever actually see ZamIAint, or do you two have to email each other? :p
Umm...sadly enough I email his pager when he forgets the cell phone.. :rolleyes
It's actually gotten worse, he's awake by 6 am and in bed by 10 pm. I'm going bonkers! So I only see him 8:30pm-10:00pm to eat dinner. Then poof! No husband... Sigh...
Let's see...

0. Father of three beautiful girls.

1. Maintenance General Foreman for Ford Motor Company

2. Manager for a band www.highroadcrown.com
Check us out and let me know what you think. I will get these guys signed.

3. Partner in an online gambling venture www.getafreecasino.com

4. Investor in a pre-REIT (Rela Estate Investment Fund]

5. Evaluating a business plan for a Louisville nightclub venture. (huge investment >100K)

6. Looking for any and every opportunity to get away from item # 1.

:lol: goes to show we're all busier than a 1) jawa at a flea market,2) a fly on poodoo,3) fetts hunting for casio mq-1's :lol:
6! Wow you must be a super hero mum :) I have 1 and i feel like i should be in a mental hospital LOL.

My hubby is a web developer type person LOL. I stay home take care of our son, he starts school in Jan so ill have a more full time job after that.

At the moment i work 1 1/2 hours a day (while sons at nursery) at my fathers business sorting the office and doing his books. Then i do Sundays at a bar in a fintess club. I hope my living will be in acting as this is what im working towards :)
i know no one has posted on this for a while but i thought i'd tell you anyway :)

I work for the Performing Arts Center in Denver. I mostly work in the ticketing office. It's a cool job cuz I get to see free shows all the time. No husband or kids yet!:cheers
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