What are the Wookie Scalps tied with

Does anyone now what the scalps are tied together with at the bottom of the braids where the scalps fray out, and also where the two ends meet up at the armpit area. It looks to me as if it may be a thin nylon rope, or something similar to that.

Check it out
I am almost positive that its just a bunch of black thread wrapped MANY times around it.
I could see maybe, being black thread wrapped many times around, but that would be a considerable amount of black thread to achieve the thickness that it seems to be. Perhaps maybe a thicker type of string like those used for kites would be better sutied in this case, but I don't ever recall seeing kite string in black. Then again, I've never really looked. :)
Sitting right next to my monitor i have basically black kite string. Its black thread used for knitting. I use it to hang models from my drop ceiling. I got it at wal-mart for like 2.96 for probably 5000'. Anyways head into the craft section and there are huge things of the stuff of varying thickness.
I'm using DMC cross-stitching thread.
It's thicker than regular thread and looks Great. Comes it every color imaginable.
It's available at Wal-Mart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, just about anywhere that sells fabric.
Robert E.
You can get a girl's thin black hair-tie elastic thing that's not really elastic. It's silicone or something and extremely thin. Anyway, it will hold a lot better than string, and you can still wrap string over the top of it so that it looks accurate. They're sold everywhere with the girl's hair things.
You could use really thick Black or Red thread to finish the braid with. That will work, but it's a lot of thread...so make sure to have at least two rolls of each...just to make sure.

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