Well, it's a start!


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Hey guys,

Took the plunge and finally committed to doing a Boba Fett. I always promised myself that it would be one of the last SW costumes I do, so here I am, finally at that point. :)

Took the forums advice and went searching for a helmet on Ebay. Found a DP96. I definetly want to get a mystery helmet in the future.

Does anyone have a good tutorial on how to repaint the helmet and make the necessary mods to it? I realize that this isn't the best helmet in the world to have for this costume (first need to see if it fits my head), but it's a start.

On a side note, does anyone on TDH offer to paint helmets? Just curious.

Thanks in advance!
TK/TD/DZ 1217 (hoping one day to add BH)
Yes I offer to paint helmets. My price range is from $80 to $150 depending on what you want. PLease PM me for details if you're interested.
I am doing a white Mandolorian suit. Go to armor section, look and view my pre-pro pics, the added images from others who posted pics and see how I am painting mine (I think).

Look at my rendering of a Ralph McQuarrie design...


Click below to go directly to the string.


I will paint your helmet if you are doing a pre-pro white. I am trying to get a group to do the same scheme. I also make "some" armor parts. Say hey or PM me.

Later, John
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