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Does anybody have any good methods on how to dirty up a Jumpsuit? I was thinking about going outside & rolling around in the dirt for awhile :p, but any help would be great
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Send us a pic!:D
How about this for an idea....Use fabric spray paint (color your choice) and hang your suit like on a clothesline. Next, hold a can of spray about 3 to 4 feet ( up wind ) then start spraying towards your suit. I think that method will give more of a naturally weathered dirty look to it. Another way is to get fabric paint and dip a brush in it and start flinging paint onto your suit. I think distance and type of paint brush will offer a variance of results.
Good luck.
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Set costumers on TV and movie projects use a very simple system for applying weathering/dirt to fabric items. They use Fuller's earth (diatomaceous earth) which is a brownish powder, and put a couple handfuls in an old sock. Simply pat the sock wherever you want "dirt" and the stuff'll come right through and be deposited in the spot. Alot will shake off, but if a heavy enough treatment is applied, and you rub it in, it won't even wash out (believe me ;) ).
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I drug mine around in my fathers mechanic shop! :lol: we had everything from brake dust to exaust rust to wheel bearing grease on the floor at the time. It came out looking really cool, but way too weathered to be accurate! anyway, it was fun, but I ruined my suit! :lol: Sounds like MMM has a pretty good idea! Might want to try that first! My advice is too go slow, whatever method you plan on using! If you over-do it, you might be unable to fix it! I dont care what Tide says, you can't always remove stains! :lol: good luck!
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Hopefully the dog had finished playing with it before you started to spray.

You'd either end up with a fully weathered dog, or a call from the Humane Society.

No dogs were weathered in the creating of this post. This writer in no way encourages the weathering of any pets (except cats - :evil (j/k)). You are not to weather any animal. Don't try this at home kids.

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Thanks for the good tips, I appreciate it.

One more thing, does anyone know where I might be able to get a tanish Jumpsuit?
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I had to make mine. I had originally envisioned tan tan, but then accidentally discovered this mustard tan that it currently is, and like it even more. Just get a white jumpsuit and use a bottle of RIT tan on it. For my mustard color, I used a bottle of tan and a bottle of yellow.
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Oooo...thanks, BF. That was very cool of you. You beat me to it :). You are a linking animal.

**Oops! I haven't posted current pics of the new mustard colored jumpsuit on the web pages yet. Here it is;
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Are you going for a random Mandalore look? But it looks good

Oh & I like the "No butt shots", that's a classic! LOL :D
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Random? Random???? If by random you mean haphazard, or lacking aim or purpose, then no, it's not some random look. At least no more or less than any other character created for the SW Universe. If you refer to the non-canon aspect of it, then I believe the accepted term is "custom".
No, I've MADE every square inch of that costume so far(except the gloves), and more now since that pic. I had a specific idea on colors that I wanted.
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Knowing that my armor is being painted currently, I am looking forward to the last thing on my "to do" list in order to complete my ESB Fett.......weathering the jumpsuit.

That being true,I was thinking of using black,and medium brown spray paint in order to give it the proper look as was seen in ESB.The most "dirty" part of the ESB is the bottom,and gets mildy "cleaner" the further up you go,but even the thigh pockets and belt bags are pretty "dirty".It appears that the ESB jumpsuit was more dirty from plain filth since ROTJ had so much light from the dessert setting which made any weathering practically unnoticeable.

Have any of you done similar things to weather your jumpsuits? I'd love to hear what techniques have been used in order to give any jumpsuit that weathered look.I used the spray paint technique on my ESB cape and it turned out great,but was holding off on my jumpsuit since it's a Kattara,and we all know getting a replacement isn't going to happen again.

I did exactly the same thing. I have an RA, and I used flat black and brown on mine- mostly below the waist, and mostly black. Then I washed it (and if you do this right after you "screw up", it'll come out ;) ), and sprayed it again.

Came out great. I did this with all my soft parts.
This is just in my own opion and what ever way you do it is up to you. As for me . I just dirtied mine up with....dirt. I took it dirtbike riding, rolled around in dirt with it on left it out side a couple of times to fade. Washed the car with it on. Then washed it for sanitary reasons then rubbbed some ash from charcoal on it in places it was dirtier. Thats how I did blast marks on my armor with charcoal ash.
Yeah I did the same thing, I took it outside. got it all dusty, and dirty. I then used a little graphite powder, and some light misting with black spray paint. and it turned out quite nicely! I burned real holes thru my cape, and got it dirty as well.
I've heard of a lot of people using plain old dirt, but those same people complain about their weathering washing out every time they wash their costume after a con.:facepalm What's the point? That's why I prefer paint. I don't want to have to re-do it every time.

Specially if I get it just right.;)
There's a thread around about this topic as well. You should check around in the past threads. You'll learn something or two...

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