Weathering Soft Parts

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I recently weathered a vest and shot a couple photos and added some notes. I'll add more photos later:



I gave this idea a shot, worked out well. But just make sure you mix everything really good. I put a little dirt brown in and it was way to thick and I didnt mix it up all that well. So now I have little brown spots all over that you can hardly see but it gives the weathered affect. I dont know about the washing part yet. But thanks for the idea!
I tried this today. Looks great. But my question is now, eventually I would like to wash it to get the blah out of it. Is there a way to keep the color from leaving or will this have to be done again after every wash?
Try putting in in the dryer for a cycle. The heat will usually set the 'stains.' After repeated washings, the pigment will fade, so you'll probably have to touch it up now and then. Hope this helps!
I just desided to burn some wooden matches and crushed up the burnt wood into ashes. then I just spread the soot on my fingers and smuged the soot into the weathered areas. looks good but needs the sand color
If you want temp weathering, you can use children's water paints, brown-red-yellow to make custom weathering colors. Then wash and it's clean again.
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