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I just got an email from what looked to be Paypal stating that I made a secure payment to some cell phone dealer for the tune of about $300 at the bottom of the page it had the "If you did not authorize this payment dispute it here" link, so I clicked it, the page looked EXACTLY like the Paypal login page but it didn't have a secure link, so I closed t he window and went to the actual Paypal site, and signed in and all was good, no payment to anyone that I didn't make myself. The only reason I put this in the helmet forum is because it's on the top of the page when you get here and I don't want anyone getting screwed. Have a good one.
I get those all the time.They are phishing e-mails.Paypal NEVER send direct e-mails like that so just delete the immediately, and forward it to
these stupid hackers need to be gutted and chopped into pieces.
Yeah, I get at least one phishing e-mail a week; from paypal, or ebay, or even Chase Bank regarding my credit cards.
They all go straight into the spam folder.
wickedbeard said:
these stupid hackers need to be gutted and chopped into pieces.

Personally I would just love to feed them to my pet Rancor (my female long-haired dachshund who has pretty much the same temperament as your average Rancor.)
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