Wanted: Bodysuit pictures

sl tk8456

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Is there a Zam lass out there with a good photo of her completed undersuit for me and Becky please?
Or even the proper one?

A local seamstress will do the suit at a good price but wants to see the Zam suit with no vest/armour on to be sure she's doing the right thing.

Good photos of the seams etc. We do have the ref cd but if anyone has a picture of their suit with nothing else on top of it, or just one of it lying on the floor, that would be most welcome and super cool :)




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I was hoping someone would post the images here too. I wasn't going to post (I hate hijackers!), but no one has said anything back yet....hmmm :rolleyes ...consider my post more of a bump than a hijack! :eek:

Yeah an image of just the suit or possibly a pattern of some sort would be nice if anyone has one please post!

Sorry for the hijack, John. It's all for the glory of Zam! :zam


~hangs her head at this admission~

I have to confess that I have a two-piece undergarment for my (admittedly ghetto) Zam. And I won't ever have a bodysuit. It's hard enough to go to the bathroom in my Zam without getting the 'skirt' or beads wet; I can't imagine somehow getting out of the whole thing with a ~bodysuit~ on. And I have to pee all the time. Old age. But then, my costume is to wear, not for display in a collection. Maybe that makes a difference. ZamIAm, I know that you wear yours to cons; how do you deal with this? Just not drink anything for days?

Are the 'experts' SURE that it's really a one-piece thing, anyway? Or just assuming that? Speak up, experts! (Ya'll know who you are.)


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Actually the Zam bodysuit is indeed a two piece, its just referred to as a bodysuit...and the top piece is not even a full shirt, its cut off just below the chest I think.


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Yeah it cuts of pretty much right under the armpit and under her breasts. Then underneath that there is a black (I guess) leotard under that and the vest and then there are the pants.

I just think a pattern or some pictures of just the suit would help to seamstress.

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Yep post away sl/tk8456, It's on my site for the world to see... it's always been a 2 piece, and we just called it a body suit until the correct terminology "crop top and pants" was said when my seamstress told me the diff. And, if you look under "sewing neoprene" thread, you'll see some more pics of my stuff.
www.zamiam.com page 3

oh heck, here's the link... shozbot! http://www.zamiam.com/ZamIAm/CropTop&Pants.html
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My tacking stitches should be left off one of the pics, because women won't have a way to get into the suit. The only way to put it on is #1 get a black short sleeve leotard, #2 put on the crop top. Crop top and pants tidbit, I cut my leotard at the bottom and put snaps in. It's highly recommended that you do this so you can goto the bathroom. ;) Nothing's worse than when you're at a con and you have to spend 15 minutes taking a whole costume off just to "go." :lol: