Zam Bodysuit


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I am starting my Zam costume. I already did research, know where to get the parts.
But there is one thing that is not clear to me. And for some reason I can't find the answer I am looking for (maybe I missed it during my research, my apologies then)

Her neoprene it one piece? Or two pieces; pants and a shirt?
I have never worked with neoprene before (I will have te suit made by a seamstress) but is a two piece suit possible?
It would be more comfortable and easier I think to have it made in two pieces.


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I think it is suppose to be a one piece, but I am making mine into two. There is plenty of ways to make it look like a one piece with the skirt and everything in the front.


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I believe it was a two piece suit. If you look at the pictures that are in the gallery - I'm pretty sure there was a top that was only neoprene from the bottom of the shoulders up, and a pair of pants that were held up with suspenders. Specifically look at the Magic of the Myth gallery, page three, bottom right picture.


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In my research there's def 2 dif neoprene pieces as we can see the black under the vest not sure if their connected with the black. I would think 2 pieces would be much more easier to go to the bathroom in if ur walking around a con all day. Out of curiosity where did u get your fabric? That's the thing I'm having a huge problem with. Nothing looks right. I'm thinking ill have to get the correct lycra and have it laminated to neoprene.
Good luck on your Zam :)


While we're on the subject...I'm building a Zam too for my wife (not a SW fanatic like us). I got a few parts coming from Thumper. I would think the two piece would be easier to build AND use.
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Does anyone have a specific pattern they're using for the suit? I don't know if this is posted somewhere else. If so, I apologize. I'm gearing up to do a Zam for my daughter. I've just paid for fabric from someone on here (thanks Julie), & I'd like a nice pattern for the suit. Any Zammers out there want to chime in on this? All help &/or suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks!:)