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JC Penney jumpsuit.

I was wondering if anyone has seen this. It's a coverall worksuit from Walls, and it's available at JC Penny for $38.00. Also, the Steel Blue color option looks superb for a Boba Fett suit. The only problem I can see is the seam that runs down the middle of each pant leg, but it looks like a great buy. I'd buy two, so that I could use the same fabric to add the pouches and the inset sleeves and such.

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Although all of my jumpsuits have been custom made, I think the JC Penney suit isn't too bad for a base. The sage would work for RotJ, and the steel blue would be for the ESB.

I can't see the seam on the legs that you are talking about.


Sleezy wrote:

The only problem I can see is the seam that runs down the middle of each pant leg.

My Dickies suits had the same seam down the leg, when converting the suits, just have the seam ripped out.
It'll work fine.
I have the walls one and it is very nice. I really like the double zipper for easy access :) The seams were easy to take out that were on the pants. Then just iron it out.

I got my Jaster's Jumpsuit at JC Penny's (now you all know my secret ;)), I got a Char Cole Gray. Which worked excellent for what I was going for. I got a good price as well, $27.98 they were on sale the day I went & got it :D
I agree with Darth Wolfe - the Walls jumpsuits are great for Fett. Just take a seam ripper and carefully remove the theading. Iron the pants legs with starch. After a few washings, you'd never know the seam was ever there.

The steel blue color, as mentioned on a few websites, is a darn good match for the ESB color. I'd still run it through a light bleach wash, to fade it a bit.
I'm putting together a ROTJ Boba Fett costume, but I can't really tell what color suit I need to use. Someone mentioned earlier that the Sage might work well for ROTJ, but I don't know if I should go with that or stay with the Steel Blue. Any help?


BobaFettish wrote:

The sage would work for RotJ, and the steel blue would be for the ESB.
The RotJ suit is a gray with a hint of tan while the ESB suit is a bluish-gray. If you are making a RotJ Fett costume, go with the Sage. If you are making an ESB Fett costume, go with the Steel Blue. If you don't like either choice, shop around for better options or have one custom made to a color that suits you best.
A few years ago, I decided to upgrade from my Walls ESB jumpsuit to a new ROTJ one, with the correct color.

Here's what I did.

I found a Walls/JC Penney jumpsuit that fit me well and bought it. Then I used a seam ripper to take apart the entire jumpsuit. I ironed the pieces and seams flat and traced each piece onto large sheets of brown parcel paper.

I bought material that closely matched the ROTJ color, ran it through the wash to reduce shrinkage, and used my new patterns to reproduce my new jumpsuit.

I had to make new shin and thigh pockets,so I used posterboard to 'trial-and-error' a new pattern for those.

I understand not everyone know how to sew, but you can always find a local seamstress to put the parts together.

Total of buying two Walls/JC Penney jumpsuits - $70
Total of buying 1 jumpsuit, fabric and parcel paper - $60
And then of course, whatever the seamstress charges... :)

I hope this helps.
Thanks guys. I think I'll go with the Sage Walls jumpsuit, and if I don't like the color, I'll copy the pattern with my own fabric.
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