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OK, I am not one to badmouth, but this is something that needs to be said. There is an ebay seller with the user ID, (swfladoug), He sells a visor for the Boba/Jango Helmets and claims that it is the best visor around.

I got mine a little slow, but he made up by including some helmet decals. When I went to put it in, I found that it does not sit flush in the helmet and it is not flexible at all. In fact, when I attmepted to put the slightest bit of pressure to get it flush. the thing snapped in two.
This is no good.

ON the other hand, there is another ebay seller that makes a visor that works great. It is a thin plastic mateiral, that is flexible and very easy to work with. This guy's seller ID is ( He is a great guy and goes out of his way to help you out. I hope that this info helps people in the future from making the same mistake that I did.

I lost $20 on a crappy visor and on a Fett Costume that costs a small fortune to make, every dollar counts.


Shawn LoPresto
501st Florida
I'll ditto that ejurin (eric) is a cool guy to work with. I was not pleased with the stormtrooper neck seal I got, but he himself and his business practices are great.

Also on the note of getting visors, I can't hawk this site enough:

Green tinted visors for around $6-$8. Cut it right and you've got enough excess to make two flat lenses for your trooper costume, or sell them and recoup the cost of the entire visor. Plus you can cut them with scissors. Excellent :)

I'll second JMP on the 'do-it-yourself' visors. I picked mine up from a local welder's shop for $8 bucks apiece (Jackson brand). Traced my template and cut it out last night and it fits great!

I've never had good luck with plexiglass visors.
You guys got any specifics on what visor to order? I cant find any tinted visors over here & I'm already thinking of ordering on-line instead....either that or tinting a clear visor w/ automotive tint.
Do they ship internationally?

I bought my visor from swfladoug. Great guy, real quick shipping (got it over to the UK 8 days after auction close). I'd recommend his business approach etc, but I have yet to mount the visor. I have asked him for (and been provided) instructions as to how to go about it and what glue to use etc.

He also states that if there are any problems, to mail him.

I'll post the results once I have summonsed the courage to take the dremmel to the helmet.

Jackal, you might wanna try to mail him about it, he may be able to help. I know he's just upgraded the design of the visor. Mine's the old style. It's exactly the right countour and is everso slightly flexible. Dunno if yours was the new version and it's made of a more brittle substance.

Mail him, If he can help, I'm sure he will.

Aside from that, real sorry to hear about the breakage, man. That must have really made you mad. I'd have exploded I think.

Good luck,

I bought the Trooper trick out kit from Eric for my wife. Good stuff. Answers e-mail quick. I would buy from him again. My bucket was already done so, I did not have to put a visor. And yes my wife is working on HER Stormtrooper armor.
I've bought about 10 of those visors from swfladoug in the past.

They are "THICK" Rigid Lexan. That's why they're so stiff. The thickness of these visors is actually extremely accurate, however, the color is far from. His are usually very black, to dark smoke. No green. I think I still have 4 or 5 of them. To conform the visor to the inside of the helmet, a heavy duty hair dryer, or a heat gun (on LOW setting) works great. Some have even baked the visor in the oven. Very common. For those that want extremely thick visors for movie accuracy, you will have to do the same thing to them (if we ever find them in green that thick) :lol:

He's a great guy though, if you contact him, and explain the situation, he will make it good. He always has with me.

Take Care
I too have bought two of swfladoug's visors.

I think it is a very good product, even though
it does take a little tweaking to get the visor
to fit correctly.

No complaints here.
I'm gonna second JMP and Jackal's vote for Eric. All around great guy and a pleasure to deal with.

Bought alot of my trooper tweaks from him and he was prompt and very friendly. Not to mention professionial too, was concerned about my package, after I informed him my first amp was acting up and he had it replaced ASAP.

His lenses are great too and very easy to install. You can't go wrong with him. ;)

EJ, if you read this, thanks buddy!

Stay safe.

Well you can at least use the black ones for a screen-accurate ROTJ. As FettPride said, the originals were quite thick. You're just going to need green for an ESB.

tylerdurden wrote:

Well you can at least use the black ones for a screen-accurate ROTJ. As FettPride said, the originals were quite thick. You're just going to need green for an ESB.

Yep, Yep ... very true TD. I've just got the ESB on the brain right now .... I forgot about the ROTJ guys :lol:

Of course, I am an ROTJ guy too, yes. But an SE .. that's why I got that damn ESB giving me nightmares at night. I shoulda just gone straight ROTJ. I might be a wee more sane these days :lol:

Heh heh. Had the same thing happen to one of my early visors. tried felxing it to match the curve and snapped one of the "wings" right off! As is posted above heating is the way to go. Works perfect just make sure not to over heat as the plastic will distort and will also pick up almost any mark (like fingerprints) when hot.
Yup just throw that puppy in the oven at about 200 degress F and have a pair of cotton work gloves handy. When you take it out in about 5 minutes it'll be flexible enough to make it the correct shape. I don't think you can blame him for using a think plastic. You should have asked before you started bending it. Lexan and Acrylic don't take well to bending without heat.
I just mailed Omark to see if they ship internationally. Will post again once they respond.

On a seperate note, I dremelled out my stock visor last night. The acrylic replacement was a bit big here and there. I've mailed Doug (swfladoug) for his advice etc and will post once he responds too.

What a guy! Doug mailed me back within 1/2 an hour or so with some helpful advice on sorting out my visor problems. Not bad when you take into account the 6 hour time difference.

I can't recommend this guy's service enough.

Sadly it looks like he might be stopping making the visors, but is thinking of a "how to" book for people to do their own. If I find out any more I'll post it.

I don't think you can go for a year in this hobby and NOT snap a visor.

I've already put up a tutorial for those who want to make their own from Plexiglass (not Lexan, it won't work with this method). You can use any color plexiglass, and it's pretty cheap. It's easier than the oven method, and you're less likely to get fingermarks on the visor. Of course, you do need a heat gun, and a clear face shield. Problem is, I realized a couple of days ago that Azeem had taken down the pictures of the process. It's in the Boba Fett helmet section of I'll bug him to put them back up. In the meantime, scroll down on this page, because the tutorial is posted on it:

I feel like bumping that thread every once in a while...

ETA - swfladoug is a really nice guy.
Also to add - I wore a screen used scout stunt helmet the other felt 10 pounds lighter than that horrible Don Post scout helmet. Of course, the visor on the stunt helmet was cracked, because I guess the guy (or dummy?)ran into a tree ;), and if he'd had a strong, thick, plexiglass visor in it instead of the flimsy thing that was there, maybe it wouldn't have cracked and he could have gotten help to catch those sneaky rebels.
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