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Hello all, as you can see i'm new here to tdh so please excuse any of my stupidity. Anyway I was pondering if anyone has ever made a bucket with a visor other than in the "standard" black. I was thinking about making mine (when i ever get around to it) with a sliver-ish blue tint, like the odst of halo 2.


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Some have used dark green and red, though the red I don't think if works well, becuase you can see the person's face as clear as a red day. The Dark Green is fine, but you can still see a good green day (hahaha). Valcar used gold on his last mando.

Some who have built Republic Commando helmets have tinted their visors blue to get a better blue effect. Here's some pics from a Delta Squad over in the UK:

I'm not sure how, but I think they use a normal black visor than add some kind of color tinted film over it. The guys over there know more about it than I do, but some of them play around here on TDH. Maybe they can clear up some details?


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I think most who want a chromish tint to their visors have used actual colored chrome visors for motorcylcle helmets. I don't know about its pliable ness to curve to a Fett helmet, as I haven't dabbled with one yet, but I think if I where to want one like it, it would be the way to go.


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If you can find some reflective window tinting, that would work also. Problem your going to get using any kind of layered tinting is going to be bubbles.


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thanks for the replies, i am leaning towards the window tinting idea, when i ever decide i'll post a pic.

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Some people use chrome like tinted visors on there Clones....I know its an approved color for a clone as is black...window tint would be the best way to make it long enough to cover a custom mando helmets opening


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I'm using a mirrored blue finish on mine, plan on using tinting film, when I find it I'll let u know where to look